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Gene Key 23, contemplation from Richard Rudd, audio

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Thank you for sharing this, @petra. I love him too.


I can relate a great deal to this Gene Key because I have been focusing on simplicity in my life for some time now.


I see a relationship between this Gene Key and my life task too, "to embrace and trust synchronicity."


This below is beautiful.


"What's needed is many small internal changes to get you back to the simple, to the essential. This is why I say we need pauses all the time, to listen inwardly, and to be present enough to hear the body."


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I am so joyous about your comment @Jeroen, and that you even took the time to right down his beautiful words! Thank You.


I can see the correlation you make between your life task and this Gene Key.


Richard Rudd is still a human being, but a very humble and inspiring one, Michael, certainly via Troy, is my main inspiration and teacher.


The Introduction to the Gene Keys here on TLE by @Stickyflames I am grateful for, Richard fills in so nicely, specially with the audios of his own contemplation's on the 64 Gene Keys.

I am so appreciative for all the sharing that is happening here on TLE, and when I get exited and inspired by something or someone I love to share it here.



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