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Energy Healers as Facilitators of Energies


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Originally published on April 4, 2011


This is an Excerpt from a recent session with Michael, channeled by Troy:


Maureen:  I’ve been doing Energy Healing with a young man who is (was?) very sick in a Hospital. His father came looking for ‘healing’ for his son at church (out of the blue) where he ‘found/chose’ me. The son is showing remarkable improvement. The father is delighted and has very generously paid me for my services.


Maureen:  Getting paid ‘so easily’ without being asked - as I 'freely' offered my services - has set off my CFs somewhat. Also, I guess I didn’t expect the son to respond so well to my Healing – because it has caught me off guard a bit by how quickly and deeply he has responded.  What am I to make of all of this?


MEntity:  You are a healer. It is that simple. The results will supply the feedback that can continue to contribute to your sense of trust in this strength. However, your self-doubt is not fear-based, or rooted from Chief Features, but a sort of buffer to keep your Personality from attaching itself to the results.


MEntity:  We think you already know this, but you cannot heal another person without their doing the work.


MEntity:  Healers, at their best, are facilitators of healing, and while we still think it is valid to refer to them as "healers," they are truly facilitators.


MEntity:  Your "job" is to facilitate and direct energies, and this can often yield surprising results that feel as if you are not fully responsible for them, thus receiving attention, credit, or payment for such a position can sometimes feel inappropriate.


MEntity:  But we can point out that those who build bridges are paid; those who raise bridges are paid; those who pave streets are paid; those who build traffic lights are paid; those who direct traffic are paid; those who manufacture medicines are paid; those who teach are paid; those who build homes are paid; etc.


MEntity:  ALL participation in humanity is a form of "channeling," in that regard, because energy (in its myriad of forms) is being facilitated and directed in a way that is then used by others for whatever they choose.


MEntity:  It is the tangibility of the effect of that facilitation that makes the difference, and if results are being generated by your participation, then you are a vital part of that equation.


MEntity:  Goods and supplies would not get around the planet without those who facilitate and direct that flow. They are vital, even though what is delivered can be used however it is used.


MEntity:  So what you feel may have been your "CF's" appears to have only been your coming to terms with your part of the equation; a kind of self-consciousness and realization that you actually make a difference.


MEntity:  Continue to define your terms of what you can and do provide in the form of healing facilitation, and the more you are clear about those, the more easily you can deliver those, and feel comfortable for the return of energy in a form that is healing for you.


MEntity:  No energy is "given" without an exchange in some way, and it is always Good Work to define what you are giving, and how you would prefer it to return to you.


MEntity:  Even if that return is quietly defined as "the joy of seeing someone recover" or "whatever that person can afford, or chooses to give," etc. 


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