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The Magic of Healing


Originally published on July 17, 2012


Although I have spoken to Michael several times about Healing, every time I see something on John of God or other "over-the-top" healers, I start wondering what is actually going on. Do the "rest of us" have the same potential? What is the Magic of Healing?    


From a Private Live Chat – July 5, 2012       


Maureen:  have wondered if I could be an even more “powerful” healer – like John of God for example. But when I think about it – I wouldn’t want the numbers of people flocking to see me – like they do to him – in droves. Is that holding me back? Do we all have the same potential? Am I or could I be as powerful an “energy” healer as he is? I don’t think this is Self-Deprecation talking – I am really wondering about this.


MEntity:  First, True Healers are only facilitators. Ever. It does not tend to be about "power" or "being powerful," and tends to be a matter of igniting an individual's own capacity to heal. This is true even of the most allopathic of healings.


MEntity:  When one who can Heal then hooks into a broad belief system that is so insidiously inculcated and imprinted, such as the concept of a religious God who is personal and powerful, then the healing that comes can be rather "easy" for triggering.


MEntity:  Those who would be healed by that healer would be those who share in that belief system.


MEntity:  The presence and actions of the healer, along with the belief system, and along with the eagerness for results, often trigger valid healing properties that can then be measured.


Maureen:  That's interesting – but I don't want to buy into that belief system – just to get better results!


MEntity:  However, in your case, you are stripped of interest in catering to most belief systems that perpetuate beliefs that are often "bullshit," and are often at the very heart of the reasons for illness among those who subscribe to those beliefs.


Maureen:  Yes – I can see that


MEntity:  In fact, part of your healing effects would come in the form of helping those immersed in their own "bullshit" to come free of it. THAT is a healing in itself, mind you.


MEntity:  You have actively worked to heal your self of this, as well.


Maureen:  Yes.


Maureen:  so obviously – I'm a different kind of healer then – yes


Maureen:  it feels a bit "lonely" though sometimes – without all the hocus pocus!


Maureen:  so many people want that – not the "truth"


Maureen:  the truth is often too simple and revealing


MEntity:  Your recipients of healing may not be clamoring at your door with the weight of widespread beliefs and imprinting that can be hooked into for popularity, but your recipients are, nonetheless, still carrying the weight of beliefs, but ones that you can relate to.


MEntity:  It is not lonely without the hocus pocus, it is informative. It is a part of what you still wish to bring to your healing efforts: how to bring the magic without resorting to tricks.


Maureen:  Yes – that is what I want Michael


MEntity:  Part of your healing, then, may include that same point for your recipients.


MEntity:  Magic is not theatrical. Magic Tricks may be, but not magic.


MEntity:  Magic is not glamorous. Magic Tricks may be.


MEntity:  Magic is experiential. It is not impressive.


MEntity:  Magic is generated, not presented.


MEntity:  Magic is alive, not given life.


MEntity:  Magic is the capacity to transform one's life in the blink of perception, not necessarily in the blink of an eye.


Maureen:  Yes!


MEntity:  Your recipients are the magicians, and you are the assistant, and the magic they may seek is possible, not through theatrics, tricks, and glamour, but through real effort, patience, and treatments.


Maureen:  That's helpful. That's a great way of seeing it


MEntity:  The same magic that was used for the creation or allowance of ailments is the same magic that can relieve them of those things. If it is a physical trauma, then physical "magic" must be utilized. If it is an emotional trauma, then emotional "magic" must be utilized. And so on.


MEntity:  For example, if someone slams their fingers in a car door, one would want immediate medical treatment to save those fingers and stitch them up. One would not go to a psychologist, in that case.


Maureen:  Yes – lol


MEntity:  When your recipients come to you, if there are physical ailments, they must understand that a physical specialist or remedy may be in order to address that, even if only in terms of symptoms, but that your aim is to help relieve, reverse, or transform the subtler elements involved.


Maureen:  So as a healer – it's good to learn discernment to suss out the "body" or bodies that need to be worked on/with.


MEntity:  It may be helpful, but not necessary. The only body that would need to be recognized as beyond your aim is the physical body, at least in terms of physical symptoms or traumas.


Maureen:  I see


MEntity:  Your work may help support the repair and healing of that body, but you are not an EMT.


Maureen:  LOL – no I'm not


MEntity:  It must be understood by you and by your recipient, if you choose to encourage understanding, that you are a facilitator, a healer, and not an emergency repair center.


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