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Personal Parallels

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This content was originally posted in August 2012. There are three sessions in which Michael discusses personal divergences and convergences.


From POF on 8/19/12:

MARTHA: I'd like some information about major parallel branching in this lifetime. I'm particularly interested in my young adulthood and early 30s. The death of my boyfriend in 1986 seems like an obvious place for a major branch, and I know there were some around 1992. I'm interested in the timing and reasons for the bigger divergences and convergences.


MICHAEL: Are you asking for a list of "major" divergences and convergences?


MARTHA: yes, unless there are a ton 🙂 If there are many, then a relevant few, I guess


MICHAEL: What time frame between years are you interested in? We will start there.


MARTHA: my 20s, mid 1980s to mid 1990s


The event of 1986 is valid as a Divergence, since "you" reacted and responded to the experience in a multitude of ways, springing forth various parallels. A major Convergence occurred around 1989, reuniting many of those Divergences that were still alive. Several of the branches died out due to illness of some sort, or "accidents." Those that did not, reunited in 1989.


Imagine a blow to a mirror. Events such as these will fragment a fragment across dimensions so that such a profound experience is not carried by the entirety of "one," but shared across copies of itself. It is not so much that those parallels were so different, which is why they were able to converge fairly easily in 1989, but that several took on the more emotional punch that would lead to illness as a way of processing it.


MARTHA: "I" felt propelled to finally get serious about a career in film, so I was very energized in a weird way during that time


MICHAEL: It may seem bizarrely cruel or callous, though it is not, that the self would generate copies of itself to carry the brunt of an experience so that other versions can move forward more lightly, but that is how it works. "You" were able to move forward with a revitalization of your "purpose" because other versions of you processed the more tangible weight of the experience.


MARTHA: That actually does make sense, I wondered why I wasn't taking it as hard as one would have thought. I truly didn't feel like I was repressing it.


MICHAEL: In the end, it is all "you," so there is nothing cruel or callous in it, any more than various parts of the dynamic of the body carry out functions that serve the whole. In September of 1989, those fragments who had been more affected, finally "came home." Your August of 1992 also appears to have seen a Major Divergence, based on choices regarding career, we think.


MARTHA: it was in Sept 1992 that there were a couple of possible film jobs, and I had my first paying film job start that October


MICHAEL: Your October of 1994 was a Major Divergence, as well, seeming to be related to a move of a family member, or something geographically relevant. It "upset" the stability of your home in some ways.


MARTHA: trying to remember


MICHAEL: It should be noted that a Divergence, or Convergence, may not have memory factors involved, since by the very nature of a Nexus, some Personalities experience an event, and some do not. Technically, all of them will be born of an event, but not all will experience that event.


MARTHA: nothing's coming to mind, I'll have to think about it

MARTHA: that was the period I was working on movies back to back, so was very busy


MICHAEL: For example, if "you" had to host a family member who lost her home in 1994, which we now see is the case for that Divergence, "you" may, by now, have Convergences with versions that chose not to host her.


MARTHA: Ah, yes, nothing like that happened. I lived alone from around 90-96 and was busy working


MICHAEL: Not all of you.



MARTHA: all my sisters were married at that point here


MICHAEL: Yes, one of them lost her home and "you" had to host her family, causing a major impact on your work.


Continued in POF on 8/20/12:


MARTHA: I'd like to continue on with the major parallel branches in my current lifetime. I have some follow up questions that make take all my time. If they don't, let's continue where we left off at 1994. I'm curious about the 1992 split, and am VERY confused when I try and look at info I've gotten in older sessions and make it all mesh. From other sessions, I know that in what I think is that other branch, I did the Hopelessly Loving monad with my monad partner, *, and I in reverse roles from how “I” did it “here”. That other branch in 1992 had me on the other movie (of the two that were possible in fall 1992) and when we discussed that set of parallels you told me about * and I doing the monad the other way. I can see that in that other parallel I still was dealing with relationship obsession, but with the other guy, not *. However, you also said that * didn't marry in those alternates, but in the one I am in now, * got married before my boyfriend died in 1986. Is that flipped version of Hopelessly Loved from some other, split further back branch? Trying to sort this out has me confused, and wondering if there are other parallels that came from branches still farther back that ended up with the intertwining versions of relationships with * and XXX that we discussed in older sessions.


MICHAEL: We think the confusion comes from presuming a branch may be one or two branches. In 1992 there were, from what we can see, over 40 branches from that single point.


MARTHA: oh lord

MARTHA: is that typical for a major divergence?


MICHAEL: Another confusing element is trying to "make sense" of these parallels as if they are linear and, in some way, linked to what "you" know from this parallel. That would not always be the case. Some have clear points in memory where branching has occurred, and others do not.


MARTHA: well, I have what I am pretty sure is "my" "real" past, and then I have the bits and pieces I "remember" (hard to talk about parallels without a lot of quote marks), and that contributes to my confusion


A single Divergence can branch into thousands of variations, but this would often depend upon how many fragments are involved. For most fragments, Personal Divergences tend to branch into numbers between 2 and 50, depending upon the complexity of the scenario that launched the Divergence.


In 1992, there was "a lot going on," and it seems to us that the Divergences helped each to focus on various facets of the life, such as career, depth of intimacy, etc. It would continue to be confusing if you were to try to put into perspective every parallel version as if each must be familiar and sensible. That will not always be the case, and, in fact, the opposite would tend to be true when exploring parallels. They are branches away from the parallel "you" know, for a reason. However, they do make sense. What do you find to be a discrepancy here, or a contradiction?


MARTHA: the flipped monad - here * was married many years before my boyfriend died, and you'd said he wasn't married in those parallels, so I wondered if all that came from a split even farther back than 1992, for example If it doesn't make sense to try and untangle threads like that, we can move on


MICHAEL: Oh, no. Branches from 1992 had their own Convergences with sets of Parallel lines from around 1980.


MARTHA: lol OK, I met * in around 81 or 82 I think here


MICHAEL: If we could diagram this in a crude way, we would say that the life is like a vine starting from a single point that eventually branches, and each branched vine eventually branches, but then those vine branches can grow across and entwine with other vines, and many can eventually entangle to the point where they become their own branch, and so on. There is a weaving among them that is sensible to Essence, but to an individual Personality within that tangle of Parallels, it can seem to be rather chaotic.


MARTHA: so, probably best to work backwards from the current date, to have a limited enough focus to be able to make sense of it? sense of major branching, I mean


There is no best way. We think that if your questions rise from various angles, then the patterns may begin to emerge. If you try to "track" these in any linear way, you may find yourself in frustrated dead ends or precarious precipices of Reasoning that may not work.


We think you are doing fine.


MARTHA: OK, so in the time we have left, what was the next major branch after October 1994 when one of my sisters disrupted my house? 🙂


When you meet a wall where the information seems contradictory and bizarre, it may be that a larger context is necessary, such as was the case today, or a correction may very well be in order.


The disruption impacted far more than "your" home. There are vastly different parallels currently in existence as direct results of that time period.


MARTHA: do tell


MICHAEL: The home burning down for this Scholar was part of a Self-Karmic issue being explored, and your Soul Ages meshed in a way that helped bring about a resonance that allowed for sharing a temporary haven. However, a Major Karmic Ribbon involving a home invasion was then burned while this Scholar was in "your" home.


MARTHA: oh geez, a home invasion? That neighborhood was pretty bad, had to call the cops a couple of times


MICHAEL: She was killed.


MARTHA: Oh my god

MARTHA: She had 3 kids then, well she still has them


MICHAEL: They continued to live with "you."


MARTHA: oh wow


MICHAEL: The next Major Nexus appears to have been in late 1999, early 2000.


MARTHA: lots to ponder! Amazing.


More from POF 8/22/12:


MARTHA: I'd like to continue looking at my major Divergences and Convergences. If that is too deep for a POF, I have other questions prepared, but Troy said that it helped that I was focusing on a small window of time at a time. First, I have one follow up question about the nexus from 1994, when I hosted my sister's family in another branch and she was then killed. Where was her husband? Second, I was surprised that having my daughter in 1996 wasn't a major nexus, as you've told me in the past that I only have her in 1/3 of my parallels, and that is when “I” left the movie business. Can you comment on that? Next, I'd like to hear about the nexus in late 1999/early 2000. That period for “me” is when I got hired at my current company, which enabled me to have jobs that paid a lot more than the ones I had when I first left film to have Morgan.


MICHAEL: To help alleviate the burden on "your" home, the husband stayed with his family. He had intended to take the children upon securing a home, but was killed in an accident.



MARTHA: So, did I then become the de facto parent for the children?


MICHAEL: As for 1996, it was a Major Nexus. We seem to have told you this, before, but it may not have been "you."



MARTHA: nope

MARTHA: How many "mes" do you work with?


MICHAEL: We may not have described it in this context of a project for tracking, but you already know of the major branching of 1/3 vs 2/3. That is a Major Nexus.


MARTHA: got it

MARTHA: I didn't know that it split that way from that point, was thinking more in overall totality of all parallels


We are "currently" working with approximately 70 versions of "you."


Tracking parallels can be complicated because Decisions lead to Choices lead to Realities (parallels).


MARTHA: well, it fascinates me, I'm always trying to peek at the other parallels


Decisions are like various drops in various precarious, hanging buckets along your path of life, and eventually, if one of the buckets topples, it generates a new path from the spill of it, so to speak. However, the exact Decision that topples that bucket is difficult to point out. When it topples, that is when Choices are made that either move everything in the direction of the spill, or part of the self moves in that direction, but other parts continue to drop Decisions into the buckets still filling up.


We use this analogy to help bring about the point that these "buckets" are carried forward with the self and can, at any point, topple, but may have been carrying Decisions from a long time ago.


MARTHA: oh, that's interesting


MICHAEL: The process is not so clean and linear. We know we have described a rather linear imagery with the vines and branches, but we will, eventually, expand beyond that and into more holistic and organic imagery that is far more accurate. As for the parenting, "you" petitioned for custody and made it a priority to give the children "the best life they could have." Ironically, in those parallels, despite the tragic losses, they are far healthier in mind and heart, because of you.


MARTHA: oh man. * has issues with schizophrenia


Not "there." Having your perspective as a means to manage his emotional body helped to keep his internal world in full communication. He is not fragmented there, and treated his facets of emotional life as valuable facets, not compartments.


Your 1999/2000 Nexus was a Major Convergence. This was when the branching of lives based mostly in emotional processes finally came back together in a way that could be described as "pulling yourself together." A great deal of "you" came "home." This probably manifested as a turn in events regarding securing prosperity.


There were several parallels where "Morgan" was lost for various reasons, and those several parallels Converged in "your" parallel, effectively ending those lines. This may sound fantastical, but their obsessive day-dreaming about what could have been drew them into "your" parallel.


MARTHA: Morgan was very ill in late 1997, she had meningitis


MICHAEL: Some of these versions of you, literally, died and "your" life is part of their afterlife, if you will, while other selves simply think they are still dreaming.


MARTHA: I could see wanting to abandon a parallel where she'd died

MARTHA: thank you

MARTHA: that's very powerful


MICHAEL: Grief can be very powerful, but we do not know, as of yet, what makes some parallels merge in relief and others continue in grief. We know it is a force of choice, as with everything that shapes a path, but we are still studying this phenomenon.

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I came across these sessions in my archives today and thought they should be made available because of the really interesting info about the number of personal parallels we have and how utterly different "our" lives may be across the parallels.

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Thanks for posting this @Martha. This is what inspired me to research deeper into Parallel Realities.

Now we know that Parallels can blossom into Bundles as well. So I wonder where in the Parallels written above, you could've branched off Bundles?

If more people get around to asking about their parallels and bundles, we could get a more clear and accurate view of major global or community nexii and which versions of us are there with other versions of TLE members too. As far as I see in history, of the timeframes above 1989 and 1999/2000 had the biggest potential global nexii. The End of Cold War/Rise of Internet and Y2K Phenomenon/US & Russian Elections being why.


Im looking forward to exploring more on my Parallels and Bundles too like you have here. I'd say that 1999/2000, 2003, 2008, 2009, 2013, 2016 and 2018 were Major Nexii for me. This stuff fascinates me to no end.


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Thank you for posting!  This is fascinating.  Makes me think about so many events in my life and looking back now I think things like; "how did that happen?" or "did that really happen?"  or "did it happen to ME?"   The memories are there but feels almost like they're not mine.  I'm just guessing here and adding to my growing list of questions for future sessions.



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