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Michael Speaks - December 22, 2019 - Open Floor

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Luciana Flora
13 minutes ago, Bobby said:




These are not particularly unique to Brazil, but we see them as fairly prevalent.

After I saw the question about American culture and Canada .. I was curious about reaction to Brazil.

And I agree with everything .. and I must say that I understand why I got so strange some answers I got here regarding my situation with the family .. I don't think anyone here is wrong .. but in Brazil people don't talk so easily for you to get away from your family .. the answers were really very different from everything I usually hear in Brazil .. I was a little surprised ..

As for religion is true too .. Currently many people are choosing religion-based politicians .. Many of Bolsonaro's voters are evangelicals.

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Lori Abrams

That was a great session.  I loved the Prank Question, of course.  The Greenhouse/UV question was to my liking, as well.  Bobby, if we were incarnate and wondering/wanting to discover what are in those Black Holes, I'd definitely go with you.  😉    I'm wondering if the Brazil was in line with the US and Canada, on communal truths?  For it does sound like it would be.  


Thanks, Troy for these unique sessions that I am always missing, but definitely wanting to attend.  All those shiny thought forms and objects in my day.  One of these days I will make it.  



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I'm legit HOWLING at poor Michael waiting to be undone during that prank. Can't you just see them like not afraid but kinda bummed out waiting to no longer exist like:


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@KurtisM, I came in late (was seeing Star Wars) but I noticed a comment you made to Luciana about IMs and wanted to refer you to what Michael has said about the 3rd, 4th, and 5th IMs. It could be you are sensing the freeing you get from moving through the 3rd IM... or not. Many of the effects continue on, they reverberate, even as we move on to a break in between and then on to the next IM. It's not a linear process. Just some thoughts.... ♥


Kurtis:  I enjoy your questions Luciana. I feel myself reflected in them, I went through my 3rd Stage of 4th IM last year. It was one of the tougher stages, but once you free yourself (however you define that) it does get easier to live the way you want


Kurtis:  For me, freeing myself meant expressing what’s true to me in the moment. Though I don’t know what freedom is to others, it's interesting to see how others went through the 4th IM to redefine themselves


MEntity:  The 3rd Internal Monad might be described as Freeing Yourself; the 4th as Defining Yourself; and the 5th as Being Yourself.



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"They "one day" explained that this perfect imperfection had become imperfected and it was undoing the planes around us, spreading like a virus to undo existence."


This would be quite entertaining from a physical perspective as well. I am looking forward to existence ceasing to exist around me. Perhaps it can happen during a staff meeting at work.


That is an awesome question about the NGC 1277 Black Hole Bobby. Thanks for asking it. It is amazing how little we know as a species about our physical Universe and the way it works.


"As for the Nexus, one does not require Causal Plane vision to see that there is a shift in a direction that reflects the more accurate reality of collective consciousness, which is to move forward together, not collapse further into destruction."


I am very happy about this. Excellent session overall.

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13 hours ago, Bobby said:

The universe you know is more like a cube that has stacks or a sphere that has pores like a large sponge.


I'm living in a large Sponge! How hilarious is that notion!

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@Maureen, according to Michael back in February 2019, they saw me as in -Otiose and -Contention. I'm fairly sure I entered +Purpose around April, and +Satisfaction around May. That set the stage for exploring the 6th Stage in summer with the dozens of agreements I met then, and new intimate relationships.

Once I was able to move past some insidious fears of sharing what I need to to feel safe in my closest relationships, Im pretty sure I entered the 7th Stage in September. During that time I was focused on the ugliness of constant  miscommunication and misunderstandings.

Somewhere from November through to now, I think I finished the 4th IM in the +Pole. I'm living more in Alignment than ever. I no longer hide.


As for the 3rd IM, it may be true what you say.

I now sort of see each Stage progressed as being like a ring or spherical shell of light that a Star pulses. That wave keeps rippling through space and time, with each wave of a stage passed getting bigger and stronger. Perhaps the -Pole rings contract to build up the core of the "star", and the +Pole rings expand to encompass more.

Another thought Ive had is that when we are in Internal Monads, the Stages and Poles feel like lessons. When we're between Monads, they feel like resources we can use to live out the themes of the Internal Monad.

If we're going with the analogy of reverberating sounds. Then being in a Monad might be like learning to tune to a more harmonious frequency from a more discordant one, and being between monads might be like singing the frequency you need to sing or know you can sing in any given context.


Nevertheless I do feel freer. Michael said in the same session that I wouldn't be able to close out the 4th IM until I returned to the 3rd IM not in terms of my relationship with external authorities, but with my internal authority. Looks like I've been doing that.

It reminds me that back in 2016, though I finished my 2nd IM, I must have been returning to the 2nd IM when I was trying to overcome my fears and get a job.

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Luciana Flora
On 12/22/2019 at 7:47 PM, Bobby said:


I think I had an example of how this "family over everything" works here in Brazil.


A friend said that maybe she was going to the movies today... and I told her to let me know if she was going to see me... she said she'd invite me...


Until she heard me commenting that my pasivariam here today ... And then she told me: "Ahh, but then you can't... you'll leave your parents?"


And I noticed that she thought it was absurd for me to consider going to the cinema with her with my parents here... and as I suspected it would happen she didn't tell me anything about the cinema...


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Luciana Flora

Another example was with a coworker... she asked me if I wanted to go back to Rio (where I lived with my parents).

And I was honest and said no... and she said: "Really? even with your family far away?

And then I tried to explain that I still see my parents once a month.   And that my life got better after I moved away...

Sometimes I feel like I want  to lei... because I have to explain myself  too much when I tell the truth that gets tiresome... 


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