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More on Energy Healing


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Originally published on December 1, 2013


From a Private Live Chat on November 29, 2013  


Maureen:  What happens or is happening to a healer’s centers/chakras/hands when a healer is doing hands-on energy healing? Would you describe the flow of energy, which centers/chakras are engaged and how they are engaged. Perhaps commenting on a typical and an atypical healing/healer would help.


MEntity:  There are multiple ways we can respond to this, as there are multiple ways that one can provide intended healing, but we will focus on the scenario of a legitimate circuit of intentional healing that is received, and then go from there.


MEntity:  In a scenario of intentional healing that is received, the healer's chakras work in one of two ways: to generate an excess of energy that comes from the local environment and body of the healer, or they work to open in a way that allows for access to a more "universal" force to come through. The latter is preferred, of course, because this heals the healer, as well, but this has its own challenges that may not be expected.


MEntity:  In both cases, the dominant set of Chakras activated is relative to the need of the recipient. For example, if one is in need of Emotional Healing, the 4th and 6th Chakras would likely be the dominant set either generating excess, or opening for access.


MEntity:  In most cases of "hands on" healing, there can only be Emotional or Intellectual healing. Hands on healing in a Physical manner would be more literal, such as the treatment of a wound, or setting of a bone, or surgery. This is not to say that the Emotional and Intellectual healings do not affect the Physical, because they do, but in a more supportive, accelerated reparative manner, not in a miraculous or magickal manner.


MEntity:  Whether coming from excess or access, the energy that is shared acts then like a tuning fork that fluctuates, rises and falls in tone, until there is a match for linking to what is wounded.


MEntity:  This resonance is entirely dependent upon the recipient for use, then. The healer cannot heal anyone, but can only help the wounded to heal himself or herself. The healer CAN help to stabilize a wounding, bring relief to it, temporarily halt its effects, all for the sake of the wounded to gather his or her capacity for attempting to heal.


MEntity:  It is not much different from any Physical healing, in that even the best of medicines, surgery, doctors, etc. can only create the stability. The healing comes from the patient.


MEntity:  We realize that is a technicality, but that is an important truth.


Maureen:  I would think that the Higher Moving Center acting through the 2nd Chakra would have a place of "prominence" with "higher energy" working through the healer. What part does the 2nd Chakra play -- through the healer?


MEntity:  It is always involved, but as a PART. In other words, the emotional healing would be the resonance generated between the emotional centers and the higher emotional centers between healer and wounded, but that resonance is exchanged through the medium of the Higher Moving PART of those chakras/centers.


Maureen:  OK


MEntity:  "Part" is a bit of a misnomer, because the Chakras/Centers are their own, and not divided like pie slices, but the imagery works. In truth, there is more like a primary and secondary functioning happening. For example, another way to "see" this functioning is that the Higher Emotional Center/Chakra is the primary function that is then delivered through the medium of the Higher Moving.


MEntity:  So there is a linking from the healer's Higher Emotional that feeds into the Higher Moving, and then the Higher Moving is what delivers that to the wounded. This is always involved because of the nature of resonance, and the Physical Plane.


Maureen:  Thanks Michael, that helps me to visualize the flow.


MEntity:  Even in Physical healing, such as a doctor's work on the body, this is the case. The Higher Moving and/or Moving PART is what delivers the flow of healing.


MEntity:  In the latter, it is easy to see in the work of the hands, or the effects of a medicine.


Maureen:  What did you mean by: ...or they work to open in a way that allows for access to a more "universal" force to come through.The latter is preferred, of course, because this heals the healer, as well, but this has its own challenges that may not be expected.


Maureen:  What are these challenges that may not be expected?


MEntity:  In response to your question:


MEntity:  When a healer generates excess from the environment and body, it is something like using one's strength to pump a well to fill a pail and then carry that to the thirsty, the wounded. It can be exhausting and draining, and can only be sustained for so long before rest is required of the healer.


MEntity:  But because this is "carried" to the wounded, it does not have to pass through the healer.


MEntity:  When a healer is accessing more universal sources, it means that source has to flow through the bodies of the healer before becoming available. This is like becoming a well, instead of going to a well.


MEntity:  This is often preferred because that wellspring is beneficial on multiple levels to all involved, but this path is one that means that the healer must also heal thyself, lest the waters that flow forth be tainted.


Maureen:  No wonder I "waited" until I finished my 4th IM to become more fully engaged in Energy Healing work.


MEntity:  By "tainted" we mean that while healing may be legitimate in circuitry, the recipient may subconsciously take on the water as infused by the healer's own expectations, wounding, prejudices, etc.


Maureen:  Yes – I can definitely see how that would likely happen.


MEntity:  This is exemplified in many of the dramatic "tent healing" demonstrations where the recipient must comply with the presumptions of the healer to feel that he has received the healing.


MEntity:  It can also be exemplified in more insidious ways that can be manipulative in late Mature and Old souls.


MEntity:  So there are pros and cons to ACCESS vs EXCESS, but those who seek to be available as healers on a larger scale must, eventually, seek ACCESS as the means, and this means working on the surprising "crap" that comes to the surface as that healing energy is flowing over time.


Maureen:  Oh Yes!  :)


Maureen:  So the Higher Moving Center will flow energy through the hands of the healer?


Maureen:  of course ...as part of the "healing system"


MEntity:  In response to your next question: no. There are minor chakras that act as delivery and receptacle systems for the major chakras. The hands have their own chakras, then, that act as such.


MEntity:  There are other such conduits, but it can be awkward to offer one's forehead or foot to the wounded, so the hands tend to be the most acceptable conduits.


Maureen:  LOL


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Thank you for asking these questions and presenting the answers for use and valitation, @Maureen


While I am not actively healing at present, I have done. I am very interested in discussions on energy healing and hope we can add to this body of information. 


Right, Next topic. ?

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