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"Collecting Yourself" -- Means What?

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Hi.  I have a general query based on reading up on the content here.  It may be of interest to others.  I wonder if there could be fuller public information on what's meant by the phrase, and process, COLLECTING YOURSELF.  I see the expression comes up on TLE with respect to a wide variety of topics, from "wholeness" (as in a recent discussions here in early 2020: navigating political landscapes, ultimately collecting fragmented selves *as fragments* across s. age,.e.g.) to M's interventions and guidance on input overload in these information-saturated times (to deal, I gather, don't just hyperfocus on one facet of perception -- collect them all!)  And, those examples are just about getting by in the here & now.  Of course, COLLECTING YOURSELF means different things in different contexts, and with that in mind I bet that M has something more to say beyond this only representing some  generalized "fifth level" or stage of Everything, or an abstract/applied universal or relational principle of diversity, pluralism & inclusion.  Thanks!  Nice to be here, a new member -- and to be collecting some new friends.  🙂Shout out to C1E7, and thanks for all you do, Troy.

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