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Luciana Flora

this video explains my social life

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Luciana Flora

I'd like to show you a video... this is Trayane... I'm part of a group she founded in Portuguese that has been helping me a lot...

 She talks a lot about the consequences of having narcissistic parents... but I have no idea if my parents were technically narcissistic or not... she posted this same video in portuguese and as she now has it in english I'm showing it to you...

Like I said I have no idea if my parents would be technically narcissistic... what I know is that I see myself in many of her videos... so I'm not worried about that at the moment... I just wonder... has this situation ever happened to me? do I feel like this?  If so then if it was narcissism or some other reason it doesn't matter... if I feel that way then the tips might work for me...


And I loved this video it describes what I think about socialization and why I often prefer not to relate better than any other video on the subject I've ever seen... so if you have the patience to watch the video I think you'll understand me better... 




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