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How can I prevent telepathy?

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This is becoming an actual issue, as my child can literally read my mind and it's really annoying as I have to control not just my actions and my words, but also my thoughts. Yes, it sure is cool O_O But how can i stop it when i want think about stuff she shouldn't know about?


I'm guessing this phenomenon is due to cording (e.g. from https://our.truthloveenergy.com/blogs/entry/1731-mikes-session-redux-03-telekinesis-telepathy-have-we-ever-had-these-abilities-in-the-past-and-are-they-available-to-us-now/: "Telekinesis and Telepathy are entirely possible for any Human. Telekinesis is weak, because (...) However, Telepathy remains, but is relegated only to the functions of Cording, for the most part.", and other channelings where it's explained how humans used to use cording widely for communication within family and tribe).  There would be some natural ability too, i guess; i did some fun experiments with friends when we were younger and there were some close to flawless image transfers from mind to paper. What else but cording causes this?

A few recent examples with my daughter:
- I'm thinking about a kid from her daycare. She had not been to daycare that day, she had not played with that kid, we had not talked about that kid. I'm wondering how old he is , if he's 2 or 3. My daughter says: "I think Sam is probably 3".
- I was laying in bed in the morning, and for some reason thinking about the word "onomatopoeettinen" (onomatopoetic in Finnish). I realised there is a word "mato" in the middle there, which means a worm in Finnish, and in my barely awake drowsiness (or just in general...) i found it amusing, worm poetry.... My daughter next to me then chuckles "Madot...!" (worms). I'm thinking holy crap. Well, she didn't get it completely right though, that's a plural! She then corrects: "Madot..... Mato."

Obviously i'm not going to try and damage our bond to stop this, i'm just wondering if there is anything i can do to, you know, put a mental foil hat on sometimes 😆 It's been kind of good, too, because i try to stop myself from thinking ill thoughts about her dad or anyone. I started to worry and do that when she one day told me "you don't like daddy". 😕 

(Btw she's not in my discipline support position, even if that would make sense, eh. I'm in hers though.)

I'm not sure i know exactly how cording works, i will need to read more about it tomorrow. I have a few times during her lifetime cleansed all cords including hers as hygiene, i guess that's healthy practice and can't damage anything? As actual de-cording is a completely different thing? I wonder if cleansing off my cords would stop the mind-reading for a little while so i can have some literal head space... I wonder how long that would last? 

Should be better than my current method: I catch myself thinking about something i don't want her to receive, so to over-ride that i quickly think about super happy bunnies jumping about 😅  Far out. Life, you are odd...

Thoughts, advice, please?



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