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Tallinn, Estonia, Europe -- Evelin


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(Sorry, I hadn't noticed before there's a special thread for this, so some random notes.)


Friday and the weekend had an air of Christmas about them for me. As if most of the buzz of daily anxiety in people's heads had suddenly stopped. Nice and quiet.
The official number of cases is 205 now, we're a nation of about a million, but there's no large scale testing, so who knows what the actual number is.


Last Thursday my daughter had an anxiety tummy ache and I let her stay home, several of her class mates had already been home for a couple of days. The school had already allowed to stay home if you're anxious, so it was fine. Schools were declared officially closed Thursday evening. There's an e-school app where students can results and homework and news, of course it crashed today but the schools were very supportive and calm, simply said: "If it doesn't work today, try again tomorrow. Make sure your child is calm and peaceful, family and health are more important than school!" Not seeing her friends and one grandma seems the hardest for my daughter so far, fortunately she has a cat friend in one home now 🙂


Reading what @AnnH wrote I realize I also may have had this -- or an eerily similar bug -- earlier this year. I had an x-ray and a general blood test that showed nothing, even my CRP was beautifully normal although I felt like crap and my lungs definitely "sounded strange" by the look of the medic who examined me. So I don't know if I have a second bout of Covid-19 and already have some immunity, and that's why I'm feeling fine now, or this is a different bug and I just better about myself now and that's why I'm feeling fine. My health body type seems to be Solar now, so self-esteem issues immediately show up in my immunity... I recently had a personal breakthrough -- or, rather I gave myself permission to have a proper breakdown for a moment, which suddenly led to a breakthrough. Now I feel this strange Deep Calm I haven't had in ages... I have a sneaky feeling I will probably need this calm in the near future...


My Flygrossing training on Thursday evening was the last time I went out beyond the food store across the street. Food shopped on Saturday, I should be good for about two weeks. Store was otherwise stocked, but temporarily out of pasta, potatoes, porridge material, flours and frozen vegetables. Today the potatoes were back, didn't check the rest as I didn't need anything. Oh, and I went to two stores: one where the better-off shop and one "middle-range," the latter clearly had more stock because their customers can't afford to stock up as much at one go... which can mean the elderly may be exposed more easily as many can't order food through an app and need to go to the physical store and expose themselves to possible bugs more often. On the other hand -- we still have a generation alive who has been through a war, so they may have stocked up for years on stuff that keeps. But this store imbalance is a good example of the general imbalance in our society. If you have more backup (money saved, sideline work, etc) you can afford more backup (food etc) or isolate yourself more efficiently (have a summer house).


I didn't go out over the weekend as I had a slight fever. But I hear the parks and beaches and near-by forests were full of people enjoying nature with their families. Which is nice. I also wrote to old friends who are in (quarantine in) other countries.


I'm hearing from several public sector friends they are suddenly allowed to work from home; before this some young boss always thought people don't work when they're home but get lazy or distracted... which is really stupid to say to those who have previously worked from home for years... so I expect a lot more work flexibility in the future, which is especially important for those with small kids. Work wise I'm fine so far as I've worked from home for years now, but I am thinking of using this time to finish a personal translation project and perhaps finally set up my own web corner for stuff I knit and crochet.


One possible reason I'm calm is because I only read the news from our publicly funded media source and the Health Board, we have a good e-state in place so officials can send important messages straight as emails or phone messages when needed, so far I'm not worried about getting misinformation. I'm glad I live in a really small and young state, the systems are flexible and easy to change. They managed to get up a digital sick leave application so you don't have to wait and wait on the phone to talk to your GP... when you're at home with kids trying to educate them and cook and possibly take care of someone who's ill. So my experience so far is: change is completely possible if we all care enough.


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A restaurant chain who had more stock than they needed for meal orders here gave their surplus groceries to the local food bank who delivers food to those in need. I'm hoping others will do the same.

Our Ministry of Education announced they are glad to share the digital education solutions developed here with other countries, for free.

It's a cold but sunny spring day, normal work day for me, except I feel so much more connected to the rest of humanity.


In a population a little over a million we so far have 200+ confirmed cases, not all counties have infected people in them so far.
The islands are off limits, only locals can enter.

From my balcony I see lots of cars still in traffic but almost no people walking on the street, some joggers.

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33 people diagnosed in Estonia yesterday, 3 in the hospital, 1 in a difficult condition. Main problem: shortage of PPEs for medics, due to delivery issues. More test kits arriving.

Teachers advised not to give grades the first two weeks of distant education. Tax Board announced they don't charge interest if you're late with your land tax (we do our taxes in February and March). Ferry company sent a ferry to bring home Estonians stuck on the German-Polish border.


All calm for me, working from home as usual and only check the news once a day.





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267 diagnosed as of this morning. 8 people in hospital, 0 in intensive care.


A communications expert recommended exactly what I have been doing (long before this): keep your media consumption to once a day from official sources, do as officials ask, don't spread rumors and take care of you and yours.


The sun is shining, I'm going for a socially distant walk 😄

When I get back, I'm going to darn socks, creatively!

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Estonia: 369 confirmed cases, 28 in hospital, 1 critical, some in intensive care but stable, no deaths so far.

The government shut down shopping centers, grocery stores and pharmacies remain open, public playgrounds are also off limits now and no gathering of larger groups than two, except for families. Doesn't mean it's a good idea to take the whole family to the grocery store... from what I've seen, people are actually observing the proper distance.

Homeschooling to continue for another two weeks... I will need WINE! 😄


I've been calm, and somewhat busy homeschooling my kid who happily creates at least three art projects a day on her own and loves math. Rest of the time I'm working from home as usual.


I started an Introvert Coming Out Project on FB -- posting my favorite quotes, relevant to the outer and/or inner reality. I'm old-fashioned, I still keep paper notebooks and mostly write with a fountain pen... and I copy phrases, sentences, paragraphs that touch me from books to my notebooks.

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Sad day: the first death here, a 83 year old with heart disease.

The sun keeps shining, the wind keeps blowing, I keep working, staying home, breathing and loving.

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Nearly 700 confirmed cases, most in two counties: around the capital and our largest island. 3 dead, all elderly. All care homes getting tested now.
So far it looks like 10% of confirmed cases end up in hospital.

Playgrounds closed, you can only walk outside in groups of 2, and have to keep a 2 meter distance from others. The streets are very quiet, cold sunny weather, first spring flowers coming out though.

Homeschooling for another 2 weeks, my worst nightmare... otherwise I'm quite calm, but need to take longer walks so I don't process all my emotions by crying!

Playing chess and other games with my daughter, sleeping a lot.

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  • 2 months later...

We had two outbreak counties: in one someone decided it was a good idea to host Italian volleyballers and then someone from that audience went to a party in another county...

In a population of roughly 1.5 million we had 69 deaths, 1,987 confirmed cases, 388 were hospitalised and recovered, currently active cases: 14. Doctors say most new cases are intimates of the previously ill/infected. All in all pretty good, I guess.


Life is mostly back to "normal", except the "scattering" (too hot to think a better proper word) rule still applies, there are travel restrictions and in cafés and restaurants only every other table is in use, the 2+2 is no longer enforced, but still recommendatory, disinfectant bottles are at every store entrance and exit. Some people still wear masks, most don't. Indoor events can only be filled to 50% of capacity, outdoor events restricted to 100 people.


My personal takeaways:
1) I suck as a teacher!

2) I really need more exercise than just walking.

3) I can't imagine life without my family.
4) Talking when both are wearing a mask takes getting used to, you miss half the facial cues (had to see my family doctor recently).

5) I'm quite introverted and may have Asperger's, but it was still difficult not to be able to just anonymously move about my fellow humans and observe or subtly interact with them.

6) Birds and other (near)town wildlife got very daring. A bear with cubs wandered to a suburb. I've never seen certain birds that I knew lived in towns this close! Walked about the other evening and saw a hedgehog crossing someone's front lawn.

7) Cats are not as antisocial as they seem! When my mother's cat saw me after 3+ months, he just sat down and COMPLAINED to me in a very emotional tone for a good minute. I think he meant something like: "Where is that strange small human of yours who literally comes down to my level and holds my paw while I sleep?" and "Why haven't you been here? You're the one who sits still in one place the longest and I can really sleep in your lap." 😄


I hope everyone here is still OK or in tolerable shape, considering...

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  • 7 months later...

Six months later. Tallinn and the surrounding county are a hotspot. Hardly surprising as people without masks are still everywhere and there was a hopeless government of right wing bullies until recently, they have since been replaced and now we have both a female PM and a female president, which is nice. But people are tired, of being scared, of changes, of changing restrictions, of the uncertainty of it all, so I kinda feel like this hotspot is some folks just giving up.


And, I am officially diagnosed since yesterday. For me it's day 5. No need to worry, I'm 45 and healthy, but damn tired right now, the numb headache and back ache makes deep sleep difficult. Yesterday I could barely taste raw garlic, today I can, so improvement. First I had a fever of 101.12 ºF (38.4 ºC) for 48 hours -- I've always endured the purifying hellfire of a high fever, I feel like a new person afterwards, but it's still exhausting. I've coughed barely 10 times. No appetite, don't even want coffee. Thirsty for water, though. That's it, so far, but I know it can turn suddenly, so I'm taking it easy and monitoring myself carefully.
I have food and penfriends and this part-online-part-astral salon and mostly-paid sick leave, so I'm really lucky. Thankfully both my child and her father, my mom and also my brother's family are all healthy.


Otherwise I'm reading good books and smirking at the view of melting snowmen bottoms outside. Spring sun turns even dust strangely beautiful.


Stay well, everyone!

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