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US, Washington State, Out There!


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As the opportunity presented itself to live out there, I jumped on it, that was 20 years ago. I had for the first 7 years a to say the least,  interesting learning curve of pure survival issues and just barley making it, money wise and otherwise, but necessity is the mother of invention. Each time when I came close to thinking it is over I will not gonna make it, something or someone presented itself to help me out, to make it another day, or week, till everything fall so nicely together, a kind of alignment with all forces in me that effected my environment to the much better.

The moment I could afford it, I started on my rare shopping trips (around 8 a year, less carbon footprint) to buy two, instead of one item that had a long shelf-live, in time I had a little pantry together, and could give away some to people in need. I started with food first, also long store dehydrated food, which goes for decades. I contemplated what I would need when the grid goes down for a longer period of time, and slowly over years got those items together. I bought also seeds, and tools for gardening etc. the idea in those times was to be as self-sufficient and responsible to myself and Nature as I could afford/saw possible. Then I got my medical kits together and supplements. Next was to have a computer and to learn how to use it, that happened around 3 years ago.

It took me 13 years to do this, and I wondered why, every so often, and missed my old life and all the conveniences it entailed, also every so often.

I have all I need, and what I don't have, I don't need, my dream was from the very beginning to live a simple life in alignment with Nature and still being able to enjoy some technologies of our century, those that move us forward, I am not a back to the Flintstones person.

Interestingly enough, some unexpected money made its way to me a while ago, so I can afford sessions with Michael.

I will not have to leave my hilltop for a long time, all the basics are covered, I will surely miss some little delights, but I know I can get over it, and also my trip to California that I looked forward to, ain't gonna happen.

All I can say, I was lead well and listened well, I wished I would never have to use items of my storage, and just give it all away and part of it will be given away in times like this.

Why I am telling you all of this, my story, which will and cannot be thrilling to most of you in dire straits, and my heart and soul is going out to all of you, because this is my story.

This is how I am doing on a little hilltop in Washington State US.

Action, if even blindly, and just a little, could help us all, that in May it is all over with.




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1 hour ago, petra said:


I will not have to leave my hilltop for a long time, all the basics are covered, I will surely miss some little delights, but I know I can get over it, and also my trip to California that I looked forward to, ain't gonna happen.


We will miss seeing you in California @petra Maybe after all of this, who knows? I’m glad that you have the basics covered at your place. We have done the same here as best we could. Hopefully, the global pandemic will be dealt with effectively, sooner rather than later. It would be nice, if what the world is now going through, produced a turn towards a better future. 

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Hello Everyone!!!👋


It is now already 4 months, that I left my place only once with all the care necessary to do so.

There are people, places and goodies that I dearly miss. Aside from not visiting my beloved California, and people I would like to have in my arms and on my fingertips this spring, now I had to cancel my trip to Europe, to see my daughter this summer, which is flat out a heartbreak for me.

I still enjoy my choice, to live with myself, my hubby and nature, but not being able to move when I want to, brings up a lot of stuff to deal with and accept in the most mild and kind way I am capable of.

I know that if I would start to compare my situation to others, I have it right now much better in certain ways than those others, which doesn't diminish our own heart-ships at all, including mine.

As mentioned above in my first post, to arrive at what I have today, wasn't easy.

I feel an intense push/pull, to fall silent or to communicate.

Knowing my environment for over a decade and being a keen observer, nature has changed here this spring in a grand way responding to something. I know every tree, bush, plant here, and they are all thriving as never before, it started with the fruit-trees, an old lilac bush is blooming the heck out of itself as never before and its smell is amazing, the same with an old rosemary etc.

The weather patterns haven't changed that much etc. there seems to be something in the air pointing into a beautiful direction, and I wanted to share my observation with You, maybe it is the IS-energy, that nature is responding too?


I wish for ALL of US that we can keep up with what nature is showing us and ride this wave diligently and bloom and thrive in a new world, where the old is dying and the new has yet to be born.

Cheers, to the "Time in Between" from US, Washington State, Out There!









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