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Pandemic-related Dreams


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In light of the current pandemic, I can't help but wonder about how we are processing this within the astral and through our dreams. 


Last night I had a very wonderful dream about the pandemic (ironic, eh?) But I say wonderful because it included a hopeful solution, something along the lines of what Michael has suggested is possible if, as a result of a paradigm shift in the near future, we choose to create a resource-based economy. I assume this would be in opposition to regarding money as the value of trading objects, thus giving us even more creativity in navigating trade-relationships with each other and individuals in multiple countries. Imagine, just imagine!


So, this dream. In the best I can extract it, I shall describe.


It took place in my hometown while we were still in quarantine. It felt like we had been in quarantine for quite some time, definitely within an extension of months between now until the early fall. I live in a small town, and within the dream, the streets (as they are now) were pretty deserted. I was walking down the sidewalk with a friend of mine who lives a few blocks away. He was carrying a full case of canned tomatoes on his shoulder. We weren't talking much, and it was lightly raining. Within the circumstances of the dream, I remember feeling extremely light and free AND I was doing something - much different and strange in comparison to the constant nag of unnerved energy I have been feeling the past few days here.


I could tell that rooted in the dream was this beautiful given circumstance of "equality of trade" which had led to this light energy I was feeling. The "equality of trade" was produced by a narrative that, within the dream, I recited to myself and talked lightly with my friend about to provide my waking self with context - which I will now explain, as I explained to my conscious self. 


Each town (or small-population-group) has taken stock of its resources in effort to establish a trading system. This is inspired by the light of the current lockdown that has displaced most markets, grocery stores, and systems of workers. Resources are stacked into 8-12 groups, depending on form and the provisions available within a town. These groups are organized by town representatives that the people have elected. *most of these representatives were not already in a governmental position, there was an emphasis on these representatives being ordinary and considered of the "late" working class* There are two representatives per population group who communicate with neighboring group representatives to discuss the resources in stock, over stock, or as needed as necessary within each group. These representatives then send volunteers to meet in person and actually trade the goods. Each town or group member is expected to volunteer, and each trade is set up to be "equal" regardless of previous or assumed monetary value. The true goods are the relationships and care that each individual are taking to ensure that everyone is well-looked after.


In the dream, I was returning from a trade that my friend and I had just volunteered to do. Also note that there were only two people in the dream, one being me, and there was no emphasis on extreme social distancing or protection between each other. This leads me to think the dream did not see it valuable, or possibly the circumstance included the availability of more accessible virus testing.


While it all seems imaginary, I think this type of economy would be incredibly simple to enact if all involved were in agreement. I woke up from this dream in absolute belief that it was real, so for a minute or so I was living in bliss. I hope this brings some light to those who need it ❤️ 

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