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Collective consciousness

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From Dianne HB; More on the pandemic 3/18/2020


MEntity: It is NOT the pandemic or disease or virus "teaching" any of you anything. It was not sent or generated as a lesson, punishment, or opportunity. It is simply a part of the nature of the Physical Plane and the scathing that all risk by being alive. The pandemic and virus are no different from an avalanche, tsunami, earthquake, hurricane, drought, flood, etc. It is a force of nature that reflects processes within humanity, but it is not an independent source teaching you or evolving you or punishing you.



If the pandemic is a force of nature that reflects processes within humanity, what are those processes?  What are the constituent parts of Earths collective consciousness? How does the collective consciousness function and what is the mechanism leading to 'real world' effects?   Is it possible for groups to form within the collective consciousness? Would it be possible for such a group to have influence on the greater collective and in this case is 'the whole greater than the sum of its parts'? 

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On 5/10/2020 at 9:40 AM, Meg said:

I'm not sure "processes within humanity," even "psychic" ones are so readily identified with agentive or anthropomorphized "collective consciousness," "groups," an organismal "greater collective," etc. It looks to me more like M is talking explicitly here about phenomena as sh*t happens scenarios, almost automatically or mechanistically -- maybe like how they describe it when geophysical forces accumulate (they talk about the weather in this way sometimes, don't they, like thunderstorms that just build up?) Anyway, cool question -- let's ask it sometime !  I am always somehow reassured when the point is that something is NOT a "lesson," it's just something we all need to deal with however we're going to deal. It somehow seems even more interesting that way to me too.

I'm not sure either..


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