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Australia, Western Australia, Albany, 22 March


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No cases of the virus reported in Albany yet.

This hasn't stopped people panic-buying everything in sight though.😠

Try and find a roll of toilet paper in the shops...

The stupidity has reached such lows that the major chain supermarkets have instigated measures to try and control the idiocy:

1. Exclusive shopping hour for anyone on any kind of pension - pension card must be shown. This is a boon for me, what with being on a disability pension.

2. No more than two of any designated items - toilets, rice, pasta, eggs, etc.

Cat food wasn't a problem, I'm pleased to say.


Had fun renewing my pain prescriptions at the doctor.

Was greeted at front door by gloved and masked doctors, who asked if I had fever, sniffles, sore throat, a cough, if I'd travelled, etc.

Had a snotty nose and slightly wet cough.

Because of that, I was directed to get back into my car and drive around to the rear of the building and park in the "quarantine bays" - a couple of spots roped off with fluoro tape. 😸

After an hour, with my bladder getting full and no place to pee, the doctor rang me on my mobile phone and gave me the scripts.

When I say 'gave,' I mean that they faxed them to my regular chemist. So I hooned off and picked them up. 👍

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Oh, you weird ancient countries still faxing precriptions.. all digital here!

Seriously though: thanks for reporting in, Sonny, glad you’re okay.

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Thanks, Evie - it's good to hear from you. 🙃


My apologies for not replying sooner - had one of my cats go missing for two days. She's never done that before. Stressed me out no end, making my fibromyalgia flare up. She turned up forty eight hours later hungry but no worse for wear.


As far as antediluvian technology goes, that's a story in itself.


Ten years ago, we had a progressive political party gain power. They began work on a national broadband project to bring us up to speed with the rest of the world. It was imaginatively called the National Broadband Network.


All was going rather well until they lost power to the conservative party. These mongrels successfully did everything they could to gut, delay, and sabotage this project - at Rupert Murdoch's behest, no less.


The man who helmed this deliberate mess learned his lessons well. He became Prime Minister, and applied the lessons he learned at the NBN to the greater national arena.


And that's why faxes are still routinely used here. 🙄


Update: There are 312 reported cases of Covid-19 in Western Australia so far, with 2 deaths.

There are a couple of cases reported in the Southwest region where I live. Authorities won't let on precisely where they are, likely to quell any panic.

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Lucky cats, they can congregate in groups larger than 2 and don't have to keep a 2 meter distance in public! (<--- short sitrep from Estonia)


I had a funny experience in the Netherlands when a doctor explained in a nice patronizing tone how the prescription will now electronically go from his office straight to the pharmacy, without bothering to explain how since we're obviously savages and wouldn't understand, and we're trying to maintain a serious face while he prints it out and faxes to ONE very specific pharmacy next to the hospital... In Estonia the prescription stays digital, no printing, you simply present your ID at ANY pharmacy of your choice. Granted, we have other issues in this country, but our feet are firmly in the digital age.


Hope your country will be up to broadband speed soon! But take it slow with Covid-19 deaths, okay...


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But take it slow with Covid-19 deaths, okay...


Okay - if you'll do the same. 🙂


That doctor - was it the standard Dutch arrogance, male chauvinism, or "our nation is more up to date than yours?" I must admit that I'd have been tempted to snicker at him.



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Not male chauvinism, ex husband was present as well. Western Europe vs Eastern was the underlying reason, I think. My ex probably did react with a slightly sarcastic smile, I was too occupied with our two year old. We were both very aware of this and other cultural prejudices, so it didn’t surprise us, but was amusing.

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