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U.S. Alabama, Birmingham 3/23/20

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I'm on paid leave for the next two weeks at least.(??? Who knows tho)  My last day physically at work was Friday the 13th ( giggling a little in hindsight about that, tbh) 


I work at a performing arts center as a stage manager so there's not much I can do working from home.  Grateful I work for a big University so I haven't been financially impacted like some of my fellow entertainment industry peers.


My partner was out on tour with The Illusionists, their audio engineer, and the last month of the tour was cancelled and they aren't getting paid for that.  His work when he's home is all union calls with our local iatse chapter, but there are no calls because all performances have been cancelled or postponed.  


The university was very proactive with their response so I am thankful for that. They were never dismissive and took it seriously from the start.


Getting outside for regular walks and fresh air and generally trying not to stress about this as there is nothing I can really do on a personal level other than keeping in touch with my friends and making sure we're all keeping our heads above water throughout this chapter of our lives. 


Keep sane y'all, we'll get through this together ❤️


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I am glad you are getting paid for at least 2 weeks and not financially impacted

Keep the positive attitude ❤️


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