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Chemistry Between Two People


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[Excerpt from a Private Chat on December 5, 2017.]


Claire:   Would you say that chemistry between two people is mostly about Essence Recognition, purely physical, or a physical thing that ignites Essence Recognition?


M Entity:  When there is literal chemistry, it can can come from any number of triggers. This chemistry is important for completely new relationships and ancient relationships. The chemistry helps the new Personalities have an immediate common ground upon which they can then explore and choose from there.


As important as chemistry is for establishing a common ground, it is not useful to count on this as the bonding factor for any relationship. This is because this chemistry alters over time and was always meant as a launching point for choice.  Most meaningful relationships must be nurtured by choice, not by chemistry.


Claire:   I also think of lack of chemistry and whether it can develop later.


M Entity:  Chemistry can be activated in the middle of a relationship, as well, and activated off and on, depending on various tiers of the relationship.


Claire:   Okay.


M Entity:  We can elaborate on the chemistry of relationships in further exchanges.

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