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NOTICE: Changes Due to Pandemic

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@Petter I wouldn't know (so why am i answering? 😏), but my guess is that because these are two 2-hour events a week, that involve usually 4 students, it's nice and beneficial to keep the format going as we are a student community. And amongst the stresses of the current situation, Troy is still happy to keep doing these and commit to the event times, twice a week, especially while he can now move the rest of the schedule around to be able to work better.
As i said, just a guess, but honestly, why, who cares why?? Let's just have our sessions, in what ever format he can give them to us, support each other, and roll with these crazy times, eh?

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On 4/21/2020 at 4:15 PM, Petter said:

I see. Yeah, I read that already. Sure, he says that POFs are still live, but he doesn't say WHY POFs are still live, while private sessions are not. It just doesn't make sense to me at the moment why there would be a difference.


I apologize for assuming the details and nuances of the effects of this pandemic on channeling didn't have to be explained. That was unfair. I didn't re-read my original post, but I probably wasn't very clear and I apologize for that. I wrote that while very stressed out.


The reason we still have live POFs is because 1) POFs are much more difficult to reschedule on top of all of the reschedules; 2) these sessions help me to have a minimum amount of time in trance during the month because that is important to keep myself "in shape" for when I return to a regular schedule; and 3) there is a difference between accommodating a few scheduled events in a month vs scheduled events every day. 


I am very sorry for how my body and mind are reacting to the pandemic.  I say that with grief, not sarcasm. It feels like I lost a part of me during this pandemic. In places where people have more room to move around and less immediate threat, it may seem over the top to feel so stressed, but I live in the epicenter of the epicenter, with my neighborhood being one of the highest in rates of infection and deaths. Seeing refrigerated trucks full of bodies on our street is just... something that really puts into perspective the threat outside our door. We have the stress of losing the majority of our income, the stress of running errands or receiving deliveries as we have to decontaminate ourselves and everything that comes into the home, the stress of little to no "normal" day here in NYC as sirens blare all day, and now that there is nicer weather, the entitled assholes are coming out and gathering in the streets and blaring music and screaming and yelling ALL. DAY. LONG. My fiance is furloughed so now there is a person here all day long at all hours and that comes with certain unintentional and natural disruptions and demands that are usually not a factor in my days.


Everything that I could count on for my day-to-day focus on work with Michael is gone. 


This temporary change in how I approach my schedule is not only a way for me to catch up on everything, but a way for me to experiment with how best to work in this new world. And no matter how normal anyone else's world might be right now, mine is everything but normal.


So I apologize for assuming these details were understood and I am sorry for what feels like a loss in my life that has had an effect on others.


I'm doing my best and I WILL get through this and back on track, but I do need everyone's patience and kindness as I get through this.


I will be posting an update regarding the return of my regular work schedule, and a roadmap for how TLE will get through 2020. That should bring some grounding and comfort for what is ahead.


Thank you for asking! I am very grateful for every instance of patience, kindness, and compassion for all of us enduring this.



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@Troy I am really sorry you have to deal with all this stress, and I am really sorry all of us are dealing with this pandemic

You are right to feel this way and I don't think you need to apologize, I think a lot of us are feeling stressed, and I can talk about myself, though I am not living in NYC and need to deal with all that you explained above, I am constantly anxious, so I can only imagine what you are going through

I love you and send you a big bear hug 🤗

I hope this all come to an end soon


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