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February 4, 1999
Troy Tolley, Channel
Open Floor




Ok, here we go… Hello everyone…


What we'll do is start with the basic “weather forecast” as some of your are used to, and for those who are not, relax, absorb, and explore later…


We have set aside some time with Otterly [aka Troy Tolley] for New Students in the weeks ahead and hope to make more of you feel welcome in the Teachings… It looks like more than half of you here are fairly new to the Teachings, at least in terms of our Terminology and application, so we will consider this as we move along…


The next few weeks are going to be some of the “best” few weeks experienced this year for most of you Older Souls as you move closer to INDIVIDUAL parallel shifts. This simply means that each of you are projecting aspects of your selves into potential future probabilities. As you do this, a sense of confusion or elation can occur. What we see is most of you leaning toward elation since it is time for a grand clearing away of energies that you have found resolutions for but have been hesitant to release.


Over the next couple of weeks you will begin to feel a mild to overwhelming surge of uplifting energy. Your environment will become exceedingly relevant in terms of your internal reflections. What happens OUTSIDE of you over the next couple of weeks gives you clues as to how you are processing your shift.


This year is about coming OUT of yourselves, being IN the world,… this next few weeks you will begin to see how this will manifest for you.


For you Mature Souls, this will show up primarily as recognizing where you are “significant”. It has been a while since you were actually able to see “positive” feedback from your expressions, but you will begin to find your interactions actually SOUGHT.


For you OLDER SOULS,… more world events will be in synch with your own internal pictures [of what could be].


This next year could easily be said to be the FIRST year of experimentation with complete MATURE SOUL consciousness permeating all activities.. even through Baby and Young.


ALL will be moving through this field of Inspirational Energy over the next weeks, lifting you to a place where you AND your Essence will be making choices as to how you want to handle this. In particular for Old Souls, animals will be highlighted as you seek your future probabilities. [They may show up] in dreams, in reality, [or] in repetitive symbology around you. MATURE SOULS will seem to apparently highlight PEOPLE in terms of specifically categorized people such as [the] Mentally, Physically challenged, [the] racially or sexually rejected and highlighted folks. Whether in ANIMAL or HUMAN form, whether a MATURE or OLD soul, it is important to recognize [these symbols] when they “stand out”.


The ACTUAL nexus period for your Individual shifts won't really begin until late Feb, early March, but these next two to three weeks will seem like “christmas” to the soul in terms of selecting futures.


Ok, before we continue… we will take a few questions….


[LE] So how can we work with our essence to chose a future direction?


This happens by default… you [as Personality] are never truly disengaged from the process, but here are some things we might suggest:


Each moment, of course, is selected from a myriad of probabilities, but when we speak of Parallel Shifts, we are speaking of major shifts that “spin off” relatively NEW realities, not just minor alterations. In this particular shift, you will, according to your reactions to elements highlighted within your EXTERNAL reality, gain clues as to how you will move forward. As we mentioned before, ANIMALS and specifically categorized/challenged people are the symbols for this shift. This means if you find yourself approached in some form over the next few weeks with one of these symbols, your interaction/reaction “tells” how “into it” you are; how willing, at least, THIS version of you would be to SERVICE (which is where most of the energy lies this year). If you “catch” yourself responding with little attention, or have no symbols highlighted, or find yourself BOTHERED, it will be apparent that your future probabilities are still going to be centered on work internally and individually. Little will occur in terms of a shift [for these individuals].


We do not imply that one or the other is more or less preferable, but rather that these symbols will help our Students gain clarity of consciousness in their interaction with Essence and reality [choices] that are normally not as evident.


Did this help answer your question LE?


[LE] Yes, Thank you.


We have only a short while left and being an experiment with you all through this channel, at least, we feel it might be a “treat” for you all to consider any questions, rather than a topic.


This, in fact, is part of the experience of the “weather” for most of you as well over the next few weeks; that there seems to be a “break” in your “lessons”, a respite. Though it is, of course, your choice, we would suggest ALL of you take a day or two to be OUTSIDE before the end of this month. There are many messages “out there” for you to grab…


Ok, questions…


[S5] I had read in earlier channeling where you said the fragment Adolf Hitler was born a Jew in Israel in 1962 and that it would be a short life. I was wondering whatever became of that life and how it would pertain to burning karmic ribbons incurred?


This Fragment managed little in balancing Karma that life, since it was essentially to “take a break”… We do not see this fragment extant any longer. Though it may not “make sense” in light of the activities and Karma accumulated in the lifetime as Hitler, it is still all simply experience. Therefore, it is not essential to repay Karma in a “quick” manner. In fact, most involved with this fragment and his Karma are staying many lifetimes “away” from this fragment until more has been processed within themselves and their own “families”.


[S99] A philosopher is asking the question: What is it to be an I? Why would someone ask this question, and is there an answer from your perspective?


[Michael_Entity] This is another attempt within the Human Context to make complexities out of simplicity. There is value in asking this question and this event has done more to spark this question for OTHERS than it will accomplish as an experiment in and of itself. Why someone would ask this…? We all ask this at some point. It just doesn't usually come with a financial grant. On a minor level this fragment stands more for the “permission” to ask this than anything.


[SR] I'm having a sensation of a “cord” attached to my crown and there's another sensation in my scull cap is this me being “connected” tonight or just eye strain? I feel like I've got stage fright.


[Michael_Entity] S, this is the combination of all those elements you described. It is a state of Vulnerability as well as Empathy…


[SR] I'm amazed at how “subtle” the “deeper levels of mind are to the “psychic”.


It is a strange experience to be SEEN in ways that are non-linear and, as well, you sense most of the energies that are moving through this interaction. We would venture to say that a few of you are in this similar state.


[K1] Could you offer any specific exercises to help me “get out of the way” and not judge what comes out when I am attempting to channel?


Note: we are aware we will not be able to address your questions with any “real” impact, but take these excerpts as points of reference rather than an answer.


First, K1, we would suggest asking if the method of channeling you are exploring is actually your forte… then…


[K1] good point


…upon evaluating and trusting your response, your next most limiting experience might be the “scripting” of what is to “happen”.


Many methods and expression of channeling have come to light in the media, but this format is only a small percentage of what the spectrum of channeling actually is. We will work with you…


[f1] Are all lucid dreams conscious astral experiences?


[Michael_Entity] No, not from our perspective. There are three levels of dreaming: Symbolic, Astral, and Out of Body. There are more details within each of these and how they interact, but we do not have the length of time available to go into them here. Each of these levels could be described and experienced as “lucid”. We can have this as a topic on your lists of suggestions for the future if you choose…


[S51] O.K. has this group met-up on the astral plane?


[Michael_Entity] Yes,…


[S51] I thought so, Thanx


[Michael_Entity] In the weeks prior to this event and in the weeks continuing, most of you will “gather” and study. What most of you will see in dream state is each other in symbolic form, an ACTIVE but elusive group of figures mostly. Another topic worth exploring in depth.


[LE] I know it is possible to wake from a conscious astral experience (AKA lucid dream) into an out of body experience. Keeping the conscious mind awake has a considerable amount to do with this right? I.E., the degree to which the conscious mind is awake.


[Michael_Entity] “Conscious Dreaming” in its many layers and forms is not something that is easily manipulated. In fact, the more a person tends to “practice”, the more elusive this state becomes, much like gripping sand. One of the most effective entrances to Lucid Dreaming has always been through more of a KNOWING than through “techniques”.


[LE] Yes. Most of my haven been spontaneous just because of the desire and that I “knew” the do happen.


[Michael_Entity] “Keeping the conscious mind awake” (we are assuming through various techniques) moves you more into a state of anxiety and Instinctive reaction than into a Higher Centered realm. The reason techniques have proven successful in many instances is [because] once the Instinctive Center has made the “jump”, you can literally be INSIDE your own Akashic Record (your Instinctive Center Reality). This is why many books have been written about the “dangers” of the Astral; it is simply Instinctive Fears and realities manifesting “willy nilly”.


[a5] Does a fragment lose some of it's ET’s essence if the ET is incarnate?


[Michael_Entity] In what way are you referring to the “loss of Essence”?


[a5] I'm Server/Sage, my ET is my son. I'm more Server than ever now. Is this because he is incarnate, or my duties as a mom ;).


We understand. Obviously this will be a combination of factors you described, but we see that you have found a place that actually RECIPROCATES your energy in your son, your ET. That is part of your on-going lesson, actually: Recognizing WHERE your energy and actions actually are “useful” and utilized, rather than being exploited or “serving” just to serve.


Another factor, a5, in the experience of being more “SERVER than ever” is that you literally are. You are manifesting higher degrees of Essence through your body and into your world. You are more in alignment with Essence now than before your “mirror” (your ET) allowed you to see the value in your expression.


ok… we will see you all at later chats. Before we go, we will remind you of your own status as our teachers. We do not engage in this activity as a one-way adventure. And with that… we will head out.

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