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Muscle Testing / Applied Kinesiology


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[Excerpt from a private session held on December 5, 2011.]


[Diane_HB] What is your perspective on muscle testing (applied kinesiology)? How does it really work? Is it related to subtle energy in the body? What kinds of questions can be accurately tested and what cannot? For example, some people believe it could only be used it to test things the body "would know", such as food sensitivities, supplements, the flow of meridians, or personal truths (whether one believes something or not). Others use it to test psychic information or even levels of consciousness (Dr. David Hawkins of Power vs Force). Is muscle testing a way to access the subconscious or can it be used to assess the truth of things beyond the subconscious? 


In response to your subject of exploration, Diane, we do find the theory and application of "muscle testing" to be valid, if properly established and calibrated.


Kinesiology, as it is often called, is valid in that there is a psycho-neuro-biological network in place in every Body that is immediate in its capacity for assessing and processing data. It is as valid as, say, the capacity for a person's body to determine the temperature of something so that it is known as to whether it is hot or cold. A person does not even have to know the words "hot" or "cold" for their bodies to know this. The information, for most, is immediate.


Different senses gather information and process it in a way that can give immediate information that is not necessary for the other senses to understand or sense, and even if cognition is not present. If the body is exposed to certain physical things, its reactions can be interpreted in ways that reveal if that body is in alignment or incongruent with that physical thing. As the musculature of a body is the means by which a body moves through a life, it becomes rather keen to what will support it or degrade it.


So while, say, the sense of Taste can tell you if something tastes good, it cannot tell you if it is good for the body, if you will. Touch can tell you how to navigate among the pains and pleasures offered from life, but cannot tell you if what you are touching is harming you beyond that point of contact. And so on.


Different muscle sets can be used for testing different input, as relative to that input, but any muscled set should do.


The body has more than the established five senses, in terms of input, and beyond those five senses, these might be considered the para-senses, though we only use that term temporarily here. Because the musculature is something like a catcher's mitt of energy for the body, it can process far beyond the obvious senses, and the synthesis of the senses (intuition), but everything it processes is actually physically-based in some way.


It is just that there are far more levels of resonance happening among bodies than are currently understood, so that it is actually valid to have a "surrogate" stand in for testing for another person, if that resonance is established. This can be secured in ways that might be considered psychic, but the resonance is literally a connection that might be like two points in a path of electricity. 


The bulb to which you have just released into the path of electricity, for instance, is far from its source of electricity, but it is not magic or psychic powers that connect the source with the bulb. And so while it may seem to be "subtle energy" in some cases, technically, it is not.


In answer to your more specific questions: it can be used to access the subconscious, and if the results are interpreted properly, it will always be the truth. The body cannot lie. And while consciousness IS a subtle energy, it is utilizing quite physical pathways for its processes in a body, and so these can be accessed through the musculature.


Proper use of kinesiology should include a rather lengthy run of tests to set a base for your particular body, in some ways similar to those used for setting a base for lie-detector tests.


We must conclude our response here, but we have more to say, of course.

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Thanks for sharing this, @DianeHB. Kinesiology is one of the techniques that I have been using in my self-healing with Perelandra drops and procedures over the past 30 years, and I have had mixed results. Sometimes it is clear and easy to understand, but sometimes I get mixed signals and cannot tell. I'm pretty sure it has to do with my focus at any given time, but I appreciate it the most when standing in front of a shelf of vitamins and trying to decide which one is right for me. Or which papaya or bag of onions. That's when it really comes in handy.


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I have had a weird experience with kinesiology. I was first exposed to it almost 15 years ago when a vibrational healer used it to determine causes and ailments for things, and then again some years later as my therapist used it. At this point it occurred to me to try it myself, and it worked so well. (I actually thought that it would just work for everyone so i think i went around a bit telling people they should all do it...) The vibrational healer used the arm, and the therapist used their fingers. For some reason fingers never worked for me though, the resistance wasn't clear enough in such small scale movement. Anyhow. I was super excited *Now i could find out Everything*, so i tested everything.... My arm was sore, actually. And i completely over-did it, and then it stopped working. It was a disappointment but probably even more so a relief, i got it "why " it had to stop. I've tried maybe a few times since, in the past 10 years, but it hasn't worked. I find it kind of funny, i find it kind of sad 😄

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