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MINI MICHAEL COMMENT: This Platform is a focus on exploring what brings you the greatest sense of being home in your own skin and in your surroundings and how you nurture this for yourself.



Troy gifted this to me. It fits very much with my sense of budding friendships, my extensions of affection to people, my new intimate mate agreement and heart link, and my sense of comfort in myself and my body's sense of pleasure with whatever Im doing.

Michael told me before that my Bundle of Parallels is focused on Open Mindedness, and it's the only Bundle that is willing to Reality Check regularly to stay curious, engaged and alive and shift away from false comfort or false consent.

In my mind, True Comfort is the embrace of evolution by recognizing the value of where/who/how you are and being able to provide what you need now to help yourself or others.

False Comfort is an avoidance tactic. I'm done avoiding shit.


Since this is a True Platform, I mustve had Comfort as a Platform at least one time before. I would guess that 2016 was that year, as it was a Turning Point Year for me to release fear and embrace Responsibility. I completed my 3rd IM in the +Pole then once I got a job.

Had I broken down, Im pretty sure I would've either committed suicide or gone to therapy and medicated.

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This is interesting, Kurtis, we have the same platform! When I read it, I thought it made sense based on prior platforms and year reviews, but if I had Comfort in the past as a platform, then it must have been before 2016.   

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