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MINI MICHAEL COMMENT: This Platform is a focus on exploring what brings you the most recovery, grounding, and balance while navigating challenges.

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(I moved my comment from Dawn's thread! ) ❤️


helping others find/create their True Rest is my Life Task!!


And I love your forms of Rest!!! Yep, yoga and hikes are yummy 😊 Mine is Expressing Gratitude, Immersive Music, Hearing the Truth...I recall Michael said it's good to implement your true rest for at least an hour a day, and preferably before bedtime (please correct me if wrong hehe!)


Ooo, I'm realizing now how BTS (the korean band) helped me engage with all those areas. Gratitude, by sending love & appreciation messages to them and to my BTSARMY friends  immersing myself in their music from the heavy hip-hop to the soft, caressing ballads (and piano covers!!) , and also the Truth gems they have sprinkled in all their discography and livestreams.


Now I feel I'm exploring a deeper layer of my own Task...this is a tremendous year for everyone, so I'm feeling super on Purpose by assisting others in their recovery, grounding and balance while navigating challenges  😍😊 I love how all our tasks and platforms are intertwined ...we all are helping each other move through these moments :') 

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Heidi, I remembered I had a mini-energy report from Michael form January 2019 where Michael spoke of True Rest. I thought it might be helpful to you too.



COMMENTS: January looks to start off the year with an emphasis on recharging your batteries, so to speak, and emphasizing the elements of your life that generate energy to replenish you. True Rest is a collection of activities, interests, and behaviors that serve to ground you and connect you or reconnect you to the resources needed for various areas of your life. As you move through January, it can be helpful for to you note when you feel revitalized and refreshed and when you feel drained and distracted. This is true even if only a thought or a feeling brings this to you because those may hint at activities for True Rest. This will help you to track what can be used in the later months of the year when you need to be revitalized, inspired, rested, and energized. There will be times over 2019 where your conscious effort to be grounded and restored may be the difference between being rested and being exhausted.


OPPORTUNITY:  The opportunity here is to look for the subtle and not-so-subtle ways in which you find yourself connected to energy that sustains you instead of drains you. Taking the time to note this and act on it may bring some surprising insights.


PITFALL: The pitfall over January is to simply get exhausted and tired and feel as if retreat and disconnection are the only ways to recover. It may be easy to fall into that pattern, but we suggest that you consider including efforts to provide True Rest. You do not have to avoid sleep or exhaustion because those may be legitimate states that need their own solutions, but simply add to your days any element of True Rest that you can, and see if these help you across the board."

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 @Rosario, That's so cool that you're able to recognize how your favorite music group resonates so much with your True Rest and, in turn, your Life Task or True Work!


@Jeroen Thank you so much for sharing your personal Energy Report!  I guess I did well getting only the mini Platform session because what you shared as well as a previous Platform of Dawn's gives me much more information about what to maybe expect this year.  I really appreciate it!

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4 hours ago, Kerrin said:

I don't think I will ever get True Rest.  Aside from Sleeping and True Conversation, PROBLEM SOLVING is a True Rest for me.  wtf 🤣


@Kerrin, remember that True Rest in the Michael Teachings is about REVITALIZATION and INSPIRATION relative to Centering. As well, I always wondered about one of my True Rests - Learning - (which turns out sounds a lot like problem solving) as it didn't feel like "rest" for me so I asked Michael about it. Here's what they said: 


Maureen:  My True Rests are: learning; listening to wind; storms. I know I don't do listening to the wind or storms enough. I thought I was OK with "learning" but now I am wondering if I'm actually understanding what "learning" is for me – related to my True Rest.  


MEntity:  Maureen, the suggestions we offer have effects, and each should be fairly immediately or regularly accessible. Sometimes there are conditional elements necessary, such as an actual storm passing in the case of listening to a storm, or winds, but these happen enough to use them.


MEntity:  Maureen, "Learning" as a form of rest is a process rather than a destination in this case. There are many days that you go to bed perplexed, agitated, frustrated, or even worried, and these are elements of Learning. You are in the process of growing, changing, evolving, trying to understand something, trying to make something work, etc. This is Learning. Taking great peace from within that process helps bring Rest to the patterns that eventually lead to what has been LEARNED.


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