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This Platform is a focus on exploring the NEED of Expansion and how you can bring this Need into more fulfilling states.



My comment:

I don't know when I eventually have had a Platform of Expansion since I haven't had my Platforms done every year. But Expansion has been an ongoing theme for at least the last two years, since the theme has come up in meditations, clairvoyant readings, and when working with a few clients. So there's been some explorations and preparations around this.

Even in the Quick Preview for 2014 the Key Theme was Expansion, according to Michael. Anyhow, this years Platform 2020-2021 is very very spot on. I like to take some steps and I need to.


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Have any of you been notified for how to schedule a Follow Up on your Platform (if you already ordered that in the first place)?

This information came together with my Platform in June:



"If you only ordered the Platform:  you can explore this term on your own to determine what it might mean to you, and/or post your Platform in dedicated Platform Forum (coming soon) for others to help you explore the term, and/or you can schedule a session for more in-depth discussion and elaboration.


If you ordered the Platform + Follow Up: You will be notified soon for how to schedule your Platform Chat with Michael!"

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