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Patty - True Comfort


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MINI MICHAEL COMMENT: This Platform is a focus on exploring what brings you the greatest sense of being home in your own skin and in your surroundings and how you nurture this for yourself.



I'm not sure if there was just a year where my platform was Comfort, but this seems like a natural progression from the last few years for me. 

2019: Breakthrough

2018: True Health

2017: Health

2016: Enthusiasm

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I'd guess that to find a year where your Platform was "Comfort", a good tip might be to look at a year in which you were the most uncomfortable and how you learned about comforting yourself then.


Here's my list of Platforms from 2012 to now. 2012-2017 are my educated guesses. 2018-2020 are confirmed.

2012: True Confidence (Boosted my confidence in facing fears and being online.)

2013: Responsibility (Found TLE now)

2014: Healing

2015: Responsibility (Turning Point of Responsibility)

2016: Comfort (Breakthrough: Graduated, Got my 1st Job)

2017: Awareness (Went Vegan)

2018: Grief (Turning Point of Integrity)

2019: Refinement (Breakthrough: Embraced Authenticity & Intimacy)

2020: True Comfort


I would definitely say that since 2018 especially, Ive been looking for true comfort, not avoidance, not deflection, not hiding. Embrace. Being safe. Feeling safe.

Do you feel the same way Patty?

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Thanks for getting me to really think about this, @KurtisM. I suppose that in the last year, I have been somewhat focused on saying yes to things that I might otherwise avoid (or hide from) just because they may be uncomfortable. Like new projects at work or large social events with new friends that put me just outside of my comfort zone. So it does seem like I've been gearing up for a year that is really focused on creating comfort in my self and in my environments. 


My initial thought is that in embracing the True Comfort platform, it will be really personal to me: feeling comfortable in my own skin and finishing a few projects that would make me more comfortable in my house (it's really cute, neat and clean - until you open a cupboard or look in the guest bedroom! Maybe that's some kind of metaphor...). But now I realize that my "environments" extend into the community, and also include the classroom where I teach - those students are going to need to feel comfortable if they're going to learn, it's been such a tough year. 


Thinking back, I think the last year where "discomfort" could have been a theme was 2011. I was taking on a leadership role in a company that was really embracing Young Soul priorities. I was playing the game, but I found it difficult to sustain. At some point that year or the next, I started searching for that "Michael" book (MFM) I read in high school and luckily stumbled across TLE.


So the question (from my perspective) is: How can we create comfort for ourselves and others this year? 

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