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MINI MICHAEL COMMENT: This Platform is a focus on exploring any grief or pain or disappointment that has been carried indefinitely and finally allowed to integrate and pass through you as a move toward greater wholeness. 


Yes..... and it is happening..... bring it on.....

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@Diane ---- Yes, "validation" in spades...I love it when that happens!!! It is so reaffirming.  Thank you so much for your keen observation and acknowledgement.💓💓



There is such significance for me in having my Emotional Center, my healer, open.....It is the first time since 2010  --- which was a pivotal "turning point" for me .  A 4- month solo trip to 7 southeastern countries was a major catalyst in my finally breaking through to the 7th stage of the 5th IM in the positive pole, having exited  both the 3rd and 4th IM in the negative pole.  (I had languished in the 6th stage of the 3IM for years- Aloneness.)  I had worked for so long to have this happen.  That when it did, I was spent.  So spent that I put down all of the Michael work for several years... but I am back and made a deep dive again into the Michael work about a year and a half ago.... I am so glad to be back, and to having what is happening, happening.... 


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