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Energy Report: MARCH 2010

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March 2010

March continues the emphasis on the energy of the Goal of Dominance for the year. This describes how many of our students have moved into a sense of direction, awareness of choice, and active participation in building their lives in ways that are felt to be more in alignment with their intentions and desires. The Positive Pole of this energy, Leadership, describes those who are looking at all of the factors that need to come together for fulfillment of a specific intention or direction, while the Negative Pole of this energy, Dictatorship, describes those who are simply demanding or expecting a direction or intention to come together without the work necessary for fulfillment, and with a complete lack of regard for appropriate resources.

Over February, we have seen many of our students fall into patterns described the Negative Pole, and this has left many of our students frustrated with themselves, and on the verge of resigning from any effort that was originally inspired within them at the beginning of the year.

What we would say to this is a suggestion to remember that every quality that has a spectrum, such as a Goal with a Positive and Negative Pole, will have that entire spectrum explored before choosing or settling on a place within that spectrum. You are never condemned to a Negative Pole, nor are you intended to exist solely in the Positive Pole. For those who have experienced a "hiccup" or frustration in their efforts over February, we would simply point out that you may have moved into the Negative Pole as an experiment, and that you now know that it simply does not work to just "want" things to change, or "wish" for things to be better, or for you to simply decide something; you must DO SOMETHING. Not only must you participate in that process, but you must also be your own Leader in that process, meaning that it is also your responsibility to provide the lenience, the enthusiasm, the redirections, the corrections, the anticipations, the structure, the kindness, etc. In terms of this year and this type of energy, you are exploring your position in your life as a LEADER, not as a follower waiting for something to change. It will be of your own strength and creativity that you take the steps in the direction that you would like this year to go.

Over March, we see a pattern of return to Leadership for those who may have slipped in their process of taking charge of their lives. March may come to be a rather full and active month for those returning from Dictatorship, as the ideas, inspiration, enthusiasm, invigoration wells up again and draws in Agreements, Tools, and activates patterns for fulfillment of your intentions and desires.

What we would suggest for those who are regaining their footing, so to speak, is to gently take your time in that regaining of your footing. If you think in terms of needing to make up for lost time, or if you spend your time reprimanding yourself for what you could have, or should have, done differently, you will have lost the point. The point being that this pattern is most likely not new to you. It is probably familiar to you in the sense that you talk yourself out of your progress, find reasons for how it should be different, halt your direction because it is leading into unknown territory, or you may think it is moot to go forward because you should have been where you want to go already. All of these variations are distortions from the Chief Negative Features stepping in to protect you from what you fear. You do not necessarily have to figure out what it is that you fear, but if you choose to do so, there may be great insight for future endeavors. But more importantly, in terms of your moving forward, is merely to choose to move forward; return to your sense of progress and direction. That return is as simple as A CHOICE.

In short, we would describe March as being a month that appears to emphasize a glaringly obvious look at how you tend to make choices, and how you tend to use that power. This awareness may be very helpful for you and your year ahead as April comes around with its emphasis on Power Mode.

For those who have stayed leaning toward Leadership over February, we simply see a pleasant momentum over March.

KEY DATES over MARCH: 14th - 20th NEXUS - emphasizing relationships and Agreements that have lain dormant or dismissed. This is a Convergence of parallels that appears to be bringing people back into many of our students' lives. We do not see the actual reunions necessarily happening during that time frame, but the patterns activated for those reunions to manifest and/or stabilize over April.

KEY PHRASE over March: "WHY NOT?" We suggest this as a key phrase because it may gently and kindly remind you to take the chances that you may not have taken otherwise in moving forward with your choices. It is also helpful for those who are presented with opportunities that may have otherwise been dismissed. Of course, this can be a helpful phrase at any point within a lifetime, but we choose it for March because it seems to have the most meaning for the most students over the month ahead.

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