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Jean-François Lozevis

Is imprinting bad?

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Jean-François Lozevis

After all, imprinting is a possibility to develop unusual aspects of personality. It allows some new experiences. So it's not as bad as it seems to be.


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In the scheme of things, nothing is "bad" or "good", and there are good reasons for imprinting. Some imprinting can also be mostly seen as beneficial, like imprinting you would get from loving, broad-minded parents and loving, broad-minded culture. And definitely unusual imprinting can induce some cool and different experiences.
The thing about shedding imprinting as far as i understand comes to the matter of choice more than anything.... Imprinting is a belief or reaction that is, "imprinted', and comes from the outside instead of the person themselves, and we don't practice choice unless we are aware of this. We can still choose to use our imprinting after realising its origin, if it aligns with our personal truths and/or works in the situation, like cultural context for example. But not being aware of any imprinting would be a bit like being just a parrot or a mirror/sponge, and not really your own person at all.

Don't know if there's anything more to it?


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*lol* I thought I hit "Submit Reply" earlier. I'll leave it as-is


My understanding is that you kind of *need* imprinting to get a handle on the world a bit; it helps you to navigate and understand societal expectations, etc. It is your pre-packaged "life" that society/family/etc. has given you. It can totally mess you up, as well, depending on how the imprinting gels (or not) with your own overleaves, body type, life plan, etc. etc.


It's then up to you to decide what to keep and what to reject as time goes on, and make your own "way" in the world. So, imprinting is just what it is, not necessarily a good or bad thing, but it can be something to be "transcended" as life goes on, depending on what you want to do in your life.

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It's always interesting when anyone brings up topics that deserves re-reading 🙂

This is from  OMW - Checking In WIth Essence, Jan 2013

[MEntity] Everything beyond your liking yourself is a lie, is imprinting, is useless for anything more than information about how to make your next choices and decisions.



And this is from The Roles for Mature and Old Souls ....

INTERJECTION: So, that's why it's especially important to figure out one's parents' profiles


MEntity: Not necessarily.

What would be more important is honest self-examination to determine just how conflicted one is within himself or herself.


When Imprinting is useful, there is no conflict.

When Imprinting is harmful, there is often pain ranging from apathy to tremendous turmoil.


Harmful Imprinting ALWAYS shows up as the reprimanding voice that undermines your efforts. ALWAYS.

Harmful Imprinting ALWAYS shows up as any conclusive voice within that divides you and defeats you.


Your inherent nature, when free from harmful Imprinting, is truthful, loving, and energetic. When weighed with harmful Imprinting, you become divided with a dishonest, shameful, and undermining force against that inherent nature.


However, it must be understood that Imprinting is NEVER PERMANENT and can be shed at any moment.


If one struggles for any length of time with that Imprinting that is harmful, then some part of the self finds some value in it.


We define "harmful Imprinting" as any Imprinting that has been kept beyond the 3rd Internal Monad that does not serve the Personality and Essence in any helpful way.

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