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MINI MICHAEL COMMENT: This Platform is a focus on exploring and consciously feeling and allowing the very real, persistent, and nurturing bonds that currently exist in your life as well as new sources that will come into your awareness.

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Great platform @NickF! This feels so right for you. It's a particularly poignant platform for a Scholar to have. Have you read Michael's Conscious Connection to Essence. Here's the part on the Scholar: 


We will address the SCHOLAR now. The Scholar that is connected to Essence and conscious has learned its Great Lesson, which revolves around the reality of shared love. This Scholar has realized with a great amount of profundity that they will not love another until they have sought to love themselves. As we have said, there are many of these Role symptoms you all may find applicable, but for each Role, you will see they are a deeper lesson when specifically considered. All other Roles have an “easier” time at loving and being loved than the Scholar does. The Scholar who is connected to Essence has realized they are whole and complete, that they like themselves and have decided to trust and open their hearts to their life. They recognize that ALL aspects of life are capable of being loved, even themselves and all the hard times passed through.


When the Scholar is disconnected or rejecting of Essence, they do their best to ignore their lives, to resist the examination that not everything is fine. This Scholar refuses to examine their vulnerabilities and have not dealt with their shadow feelings, resulting in acts of dominance or power struggles. They have never experienced intimacy of any depth due to these things. They become adept at arguing their points, ignoring the pains of their past, destroying or deteriorating any relationship or person whom touches too closely too personal areas of pain and sensation. They are Stubbornness manifest. They, more than any other Role, truly fear what is called love. The disconnected Scholar can still bring in a definite resource of love into their lives, but this is usually sought only out of need for refuge, a place to securely hold up the walls around their own hearts. The Scholar disconnected from Essence can be one of the most painful and emotionally tormenting of all exchanges for someone trying to love them.


Some suggestions for bringing more of Essence in might be to talk to children about their perspective on life, actually play with children or play on a child’s playground. Seeking laughter of any kind brings Essence immediately back in for a Scholar. Seeking the experience of the aroma and visuals of botanical gardens or observing the ocean can help, or having flowers within visual and olfactory range.


@NickF, when I tune in to you I get the word REPOSE and the feeling of utter tranquility. Thank you!! It's so lovely to feel. When I "looked" for a message what I got was When one is in repose the only way to move is to re-pose. I hope that isn't too cryptic... you know they have many layers. 🕉️


Also, my husband, who is also a Scholar, has a Life Task that centers around True Love. It even shows up as a theme in our relationship which I shared in a blog entry True Love – Never Saw This Coming!


The "theme" beyond being teacher/student is that of exploring the nature of "True Love." We mean this term in its truest form: unconditional; not dependent upon conditions. This is not to say that you share true love, but that so much of what is shared is a contribution to your greater understanding and implementation of what that really means as Essence.


Much love to you, Nick, "true" or otherwise. 💞


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Maureen, that reminds me of my own "Viggo" dream I had last year, a "numinous" dream as Jung would say. I am a 5th level Mature Scholar who apparently chose a life that would allow me to concentrate on my work without the distractions of children, and my marriage was solely for the purpose of burning a major karmic ribbon. But I'm finding it a very lonely one and harder than I thought, and Michael acknowledged that for me. I did manage to learn during my fourth monad that my arrogance is best tempered by the loving laughter of friends, and I've done an excellent job of finding and keeping people who laugh at my imperfections and foibles and still love me. But romantic love has been problematic. So, the dream:


[Note: all my life I've dreamed of a young man who is somewhat stern but loving, who gives me guidance. I feel Viggo is that soul in this dream. My ET is not incarnate btw


I am attending a conference at a resort on Orcas Island. Viggo Mortensen is also attending. I have been very careful not to gawk at him or seek attention from him; my impression is that he is quite introverted (as am I) and i don't want to intrude on him.

Then one morning something happens in a session that upsets me (not clear in the dream) and I leave the room and go for a walk around the resort. I go around a corner and come across Viggo who is standing, apparently lost in thought. Again, I don't want to disturb him, but before I can walk away he looks up and says "oh, Jody," acknowledging me. I'm chuffed that he knows my name! 


Then he comes to me and puts an arm around me, and says "would you ...?"


My whole being rings with an affirmation. "Yes," I say. I do not know what I have just said yes to, but it feels  major. I wake up still feeling like I have given permission to the universe, committed myself wholeheartedly to something new and wonderful.

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