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Michael on Cavity Maintenance and Prevention

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The following is from a private session on April 7, 2016 in which I asked about cavity care:



So now I want to ask about Dental Health:


Recently I was informed by several dentists that I have 3 or 4 small cavities on my teeth, but one dentist said he'd put them under observation to see what happens. I've also recently been reading on dental remineralization, and was wondering to what extent are teeth able to regenerate or remineralize, and how is that process aided or suppressed?



As for your health:


Remineralization is valid and can be promoted with the use of commercial products or home remedies of choice. Cavities can be halted, and with various oral treatments such as "oil pulling" and remineralization, there can come to be some amount of reversal of the cavities. This depends upon the extent to which there is damage, but it is possible.


Moving away from the use of fluoride-based treatments can be helpful. There was a time when fluoride was of some benefit, but it is not necessary and can affect the acidic balance of the mouth so that remineralization is suppressed.


If you wish to improve upon and accelerate the remineralization process, it would require a serious avoidance of most sugars, or at least an increase in the cleansing of the mouth if sugars are consumed.



That would include fruit sugars?



Refined sugars would be of more concern, but any sugars lingering in the mouth can be problematic, so even fruit sugars would do well to be monitored. Fruit sugars need not be avoided, but a rinse or brushing soon after consuming would be helpful.



Also, one of the dentists suggested that there was a sort of point-of-no-return if the cavities get too deep (past the enamel and into the dentin layer) and he recommended filling them in.



The dentist in question is correct.


It is not impossible for remineralization to help, but probably not to reverse the condition.


If you wish to remineralize, it would simply be a matter of committing to a practice and monitoring the progress.


Even if you were in need of repairs, this practice is beneficial and preventative.

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Thanks for the information. Interestingly, I had a small cavity in the top furthest back tooth right where the gum line had receded (a little) from a crown. My dentist said this was common, may re-occur, and recommended a high fluoride toothpaste. I've been using it for a few years now and haven't had any cavities since. I also take good care of my teeth through brushing and flossing and getting regular teeth cleaning at the dentist. 

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Fuck, i just started eating sweets for the first time in my life this quarantine. Donuts and cinnamon buns and scones dripped in icing from the plant based bakery nextdoor. Oye I forgot actions have consequences.

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