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Reclaim Our Vote - Fight Voter Suppression

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I recently started writing postcards for Reclaim Our Vote, which is a project of the nonprofit Center for Common Ground to reach out to voters of color in states with voter suppression. They are nonpartisan and only give people information to register to vote. In 2019 they had a 20-25% success rate of getting people registered via postcarding. I got started because a friend ordered too many postcards and asked me if I wanted to help. I said yes immediately because it was something I could do with relatively few barriers to entry. They also do textbanking and phonebanking, but postcarding is easier and less intimidating to start with.


If you're interested in helping, sign up here: http://centerforcommonground.org/main/index.php/campaigns/reclaim-our-vote. Your regional coordinator will get in touch with you with more information.


Basically, you will need to pay for postcards, 35 cent stamps, and address labels (for stickering registration info without rewriting every time). The Reclaim Our Vote regional coordinator provides the voter addresses and the script for the campaign. For more info, watch this 8-min postcarding training video and then read this Google Doc.


p.s.  If you can't afford the postcards and stamps, check with your regional coordinator and see if they have resources for you to get them free of charge -- our WA group did. Volunteers who are local to each other sometimes pool their postcard orders to get a lower cost, as well.

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41 minutes ago, DianeHB said:

I recently started writing postcards for Reclaim Our Vote,

Thank-you for doing this.  
To every eligible American, please make sure you're registered to vote, and exercise your right to do so (whether by mail, or in-person).

Sincerely, a Canadian who lives 40 miles north of Minnesota's Pigeon River Canada / USA border crossing.
(Looking forward to visiting your country again, once COVID and FuckFace are dealt with)

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