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July 1, 1999
Troy Tolley, Channel
Platforms and Parallels



We are here. One moment.


We will delve into the Energy “forecast” first, then move into general discussions if there is time.


We want to first point out that the past 12 days and the next 5 to 7 days is a pivotal window for realigning fragments that are in your space, your circle of support. This seems to be an adjustment period for “keeping” what is wanted, and “releasing” what is not, on an Essence Level AND Personality level before the Community Parallel Shift on the 19th.


This means that work, people, and most of what is taking your attention has come under high scrutiny to determine what is ‘superficial’ and what might be termed your “True Potential”, or your future in more mundane terms. This evaluation happens in more obvious ways when the Parallel shifts take place in wider circles than just the Individual levels.


The individual parallel shifts occur and primarily change your perceptions of self; the Community Shifts occur and change perceptions of self in relation to environment. Global Shifts occur and change sentience in relation to itself/Tao.


We will discuss more about the Global Shifts as they occur, the next being in December of this year.


This next shift, occurring in the Community Level, will primarily affect you and those with which you share Agreements or Karma for external work. All who are within the circle of support you have identified (by your terms, not necessarily ours) will be moving as a “group” through this shift. This is why it seems that some things are collapsing irrevocably while other things are opening as opportunities. Most things will just seem more a blur for now. Things and people who will not be moving with you will simply move along other creative paths, while those things and people who are highlighted as your “future” will remain or be added/merged.


Before we continue, are there any questions about the nature of Parallels and shifts?


[bn] I’m not sure what you mean by Parallels…



We will define: As Essence creates a life, it does not want to be limited in any way nor does it want to eliminate its creation, the Personality. The Tao has set up a convenient method for accommodating this. As the life unfolds, there are points in which Essence and Personality agree and do not agree, or where the creativity of the Personality is considered a benefit to the knowledge of Essence, or where Personality rejects Essence outright. In addition to these variables there is also the “original plan” that must be fulfilled by Essence in some way.


To handle these fluctuations and creativity, “parallel realities” are created to allow all versions of the life to be fulfilled. ALL ideas of Essence and Personality are explored IN SOME WAY.


Parallel realities are simply different levels of frequency within the same space.


[bn] So, a parallel shift refers to the idea that the energies will be shifting in all parallel existences?



ALL decisions made add to the bank of possibilities as the Personality experiences a life and ALL major choices create a “spin off” reality to accommodate “both” (or more) choices.


No choice is left behind. This all being said, a Parallel Shift is when a DIVERGENCE or a CONVERGENCE is happening between 2 or more parallels.


[G5] Ah, so my neighbor can experience the end of the world, and I can live on in peaceful solitude in a different parallel?


[Michael_Entity] A DIVERGENCE is the “spinning off” of a reality, while a CONVERGENCE is the “merging” of realities that have become so similar there is no longer a need to sustain “both” (or more).


[la] Which one is happening on the 19th?



In answer to the question about the neighbor scenario, it is doubtful you would even share a reality with someone who would choose this experience if you were not included.


The 19th is the primary window, though the shift will last from the 17th through the 29th. It does not occur “simultaneously” for everyone involved. Both forms of shifting are occurring for all. Usually it is one or the other, but this year has proven to be a particularly exciting year for Essence and the prospects for the new millennium are high.


[A2] Can one access these different frequencies or parallels from one's own consciousness at any time?



Yes, in fact you do.


There are “bleed throughs” at many points in your days. This is where many of you turn for more creativity and ideas, where many of you turn for exploring probable futures (as in ‘what should I do next?”). In some parallel you may have already explored a similar path, therefore you access it for input. “Déjà Vu” can be result of this exploration.


For a more practical and conscious use, accessing parallels can be a tool for creating variations in your “present parallel” by drawing from experiences that have already become a part of your Essence in another parallel.


For instance, you may be interested in “creating more space”, as in a new home or location. You can easily “look in” on a parallel simply by imagining what that “version” of you is doing in THAT parallel with THAT experience you are seeking “here”. Through visualization, observe a simple idiosyncrasy in you that is from that parallel. Something that you DO NOT do already, such as the way “you” wear “your” hair in that reality, or where you place your keys when you return home, or what activities you enjoy, etc. something easily accessible. This will create a bleedthrough, opening up flows of energy from the already-established creation in the other parallel, for manifestation in “your” present parallel. More on this later, if asked.


The use of the imagination for this exercise, by the way, may prove uncomfortable as you seem to be fantasizing. We remind you though that your imagination is the highest frequency you own as a human and its benefits and capabilities are too easily dismissed as fanciful when in fact Imagination is one of your primary sources of power as Personality.


[Le] Does the upcoming shift give us an opportunity to move into another reality then?



Yes,… this does not mean it will suddenly be unfamiliar, but that a new set of parameters for you and your circles of support will unfold. For some this will be drastic, for others, gradual. For all, it will be chaotic and beautiful.


What you will see are new things coming in and old things leaving within a very short period of time and a new focus and level of intention is felt. For all of you here, this shift seems to be centered on “your self as resources”.


We have mentioned throughout this year that your “niches” will be more conscious, more resolved and clarified. This is just another step.


We want to make it clear that these shifts are not unusual. You have passed through many within your lifetime.


[Jn] Will there be paranormal (and/or physical) phenomena during the shifts?



That will depend on your particular circle of support and your perceptions as Personality. Some of you may certainly “see” some strange occurrences. It is true that this time period is a time of a heightened “psychic sensitivity”, but even more emotional sensitivity.


ALL that you are (as Personality, as Sub-Personality, as Essence) comes into alignment for a short while, allowing choices to be made with some amount of clarity of intention for the next 6 months or so. The alignment is “local” to “your” parallel and relative to your sense of Essence presently. This allows all levels to evaluate, create, and apply energy for the life. This can tend to open you to wonderful or frightening visions and experiences.


In terms of physical phenomenon, you may notice things that “were not there” before seeming to appear from nowhere. Other experiences may find something previously familiar, gone, such as streets and buildings and landmarks. This is usually dismissed as confusion since the transition is so smooth, but for those who are more awake to this experience of shifting, you can experiment with trusting and validating that, in fact, some physical cosmetics of your environment have shifted too. This is especially true when it is a Global Shift.


[S1] Physical Cosmetics have shifted too? In countries or states?



In realities. We do not mean a continent will appear or disappear (although this has occurred too), but the details environments do certainly shift. This is due to the “merging” of realities. Though MOST of two (or more) realities have become or remained identical while parallel and separate, certain details are not identical. When the realities merge, certain details submerge while others emerge.


This means the paint on the house down the street that used to be white, now has a purple tinge, or that your PIN # may be one digit off even after years of use as the number you “remember”.


These things do not disrupt the flow of the merging and for the most part are not even noticed with any significance. The older the soul, the more these become natural to see. As you learn to identify these, it can be amusing for the Essence and Personality.


[Le] Will this shift create any new power centers, particularly on the East Coast of the U.S.?


[Michael_Entity] They will not necessarily be “new”, but there is more potential for some to become more emphasized than others. “New” centers do occur in Global Shifts many times, but not usually in Community Shifts or Individual Shifts.


[Le] Which centers may become more emphasized?



Through our perceptions, the drop from emphasis in the Southeast could soon shift to more emphasis and become more manageable and external, rather than internal and contemplative as it has been for the past several years. Some potential storms this year could bring that shift. These shifts will be felt more locally than be seen in larger terms, at least for now. When we say “Southeast” we are referring to the Carolinas, primarily. There is also something potential in the extreme Northeast, maybe in Maine.


We can be more accurate after the shift.


[la] We’re going to Greece on the 19th and wonder what implications there are for me & John with the shifts, etc.



The effects of your shift will be seen more softly and without the edge that some might experience. This trip allows you to be focused in a way that Personality won’t find so stressful. This will also give you the ability to “bring back” to your environment some physical items that seem to be important for your shift. This means these items carry energy conducive for your shift and will facilitate it. We trust you will find what Essence guides you to find.


This does not mean there may not be turbulence for you as you go through your shift, but that there might have been more if you were not in a different physical space when it occurred.


[bn] How will the new platforms be affected due to the shifting?



Actually the major shift in platforms is the initiator of the Shifts this year and have created the unusually frenetic quality. It is more that the Platforms are affecting your Parallels.


The platforms, after being settled upon, become your clarifying factor. Your parallel creations will more likely be shaped around various manifestations of your Platforms. In fact, your Platforms are the only constant throughout all parallels, at least in terms of choice.


[Le] Has everyone here selected new ones?


[Michael_Entity] Yes, of course.

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