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Reparations for Black Americans and the African diaspora

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I've decided to ask Michael and my astral team to help me figure out how to attain reparations for Black American descendants of enslaved people and former European colonies across the African diaspora. I figure it's more strategic to look at it through the lens as across the diaspora rather than just Black Americans as the Triangular Slave Trade has really connected us all and devastated us all in different ways.


From the socioeconomic chasm (I won't even call it a gap) that Black Americans continue to experience due to the institutional exploitation of my people by US institutions to the fact that Haiti had to pay France $21billion after winning the war for their independence (and continues to be exploited and punished by the Western world for their audacity to fight for their freedom), I think this is long overdue. The Western world literally robs the African continent of all of its natural resources to this day and has the nerve to continuously keep them in debt using the World Bank, which also forbids African nations from using any of their loans to build any infrastructure that could possibly get them out from under the oppression of Western nations. The US also uses the imperialist military and CIA to violently intervene anytime leaders and groups across the African diaspora begin organizing for self-sufficiency, including murdering, exiling and imprisoning leaders like Kwame Ture, Fred Hampton, Malcolm X and Patrice Lumumba and propping up leaders who are easily controlled by the West against their countries own best interest. 


I used to be super angry and upset about all of this. which I and all Black people have every right to be angry but like Michael said, anger points to where we feel powerless and I don't feel powerless anymore. As I've completed by 4IM and generally began channeling my radical beliefs into productive action, I woke up today and realized there is really no better time than now to start uniting my people across the diaspora for this cause. I have no real attachment to or affinity for America (or any nation really) other than the fact that it was built by and sustained with my people's blood, sweat, tears, ingenuity and (in the words of W.E.B. Dubois), “few men [and women and nonbinary folx] ever worshiped Freedom with half such unquestioning faith as did the American Negro for two centuries.” That fact is the only reason I haven't left this hypocritical land. 


In all honesty, I personally don't care if paying the reparations it owes bankrupts the West lol but I do think there are ways to make this happen in ways that will ultimately uplift the entire world. I enjoy WIN-WIN situations, even if one side doesn't necessarily deserve to win anything haha. My people (and now I use this to include the entire diaspora) have consistently shown that we can make diamonds when handed coal, so what can we make when handed the diamonds that little Black boys and girls hands were once chopped off by King Leopold to mine? We also only seek liberation, not revenge and I think that also shows what kind of collective heart we have. 


I don't think it was an accident that my Essence decided to incarnate as a Black American woman who is a descendant of enslaved people on both sides in Texas (the last state to free enslaved folks years after the Emancipation Proclamation) in this lifetime. I don't think it's an accident that I'm as young as I am and have consistently been able to easily access the kinds of spaces I've charmed and accomplished my way into with the incredibly powerful people I've been to influence. Baby me always dreamed of being able to not only help free but uplift her people and what better way to use my 5IM (and goal of Dominance) than to bring those dreams back and help lead explorations to manifesting them, regardless of how realistic they are? I specialize in the unrealistic. And with my Priest vision, if I can see it (and if it keeps popping up in my vision no matter how much I try to ignore it), I know it's achievable. I don't think this will be achievable without allies of all identities. I'm sure it'll also be even more achievable if all former colonies of POC (and even working class folx) around the world who were exploited by the West united for this sort of cause, although it would be important to highlight and center the unique experiences and reparations owed to the African diaspora. This is an intersectional issue and this will be an intersectional effort. That's what I always loved about Fred Hampton's teachings and I'm excited to explore carrying it forward, even if I bide my time and don't really work on this until later in life when I've built more influence and abundance and communities of care to support it. 


I will conclude this musing with a belief from my hero Angela Davis that I've since committed to memory whenever I feel burdened as a Black woman in this world: "when Black women are free, everyone will be free — as Black women never work solely on their own behalf, but carry their entire communities forward." ("The Iconic Moment Activist Angela Davis Visited Black Brazilian Women")

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Cheryl Varner

Hi Avi,


I am just finding this group of forums.  I would be interested in reading your response from Michael.  I'm not so concerned about reparations as I am about the dismantling of racist practices and institutions and mindsets.





old 4 scholar cast warrior

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