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Posted by Maxim September 12, 2014 - Filed in Essence Reports - #advanced profile essence reports  #profiles  - 191 views  [on explore.TLE]


This was delivered to me in September 2011 and includes the comments I made at the time:


STUDENT: Maxim Zbitnoff


Role: Artisan
Casting: Sage
Cadre/Entity: 1/4
E-Ratio: 35m/65f
Frequency: 80


This surprised me because I'd previously had the idea of frequency 38 and was thinking it might be half that at 19.  I do know that I have to go over and over some things to get them.  
Soul Age/Level: Old/7
Manifested Age: Old
Lifetime#: 311
Grand Cycle#: 10


Role: Server
Cadre/Entity: 1/7
Status: Discarnate male, probably known as a childhood friend

Role/Gender: Priest/guide
Role/Gender: Priest/guide

Goal: Flow > Acceptance/Growth
Mode: Observation > Passion/Perseverance
Attitude: Spiritualist


I was pretty convinced I was an idealist.... perhaps the sage casting adds that flavor.
Center/Part: Moving/Intellectual


Moving Center is total surprise as I have viewed moving as the one that I use to balance the other two.  Besides, I was not good at sports or dancing.... though I enjoy doing things with the body... many years in construction thinking I should be more creative or intellectual.


Body Types: Mercury/Saturnine


Mercury.... hmm.  Saturn... sure.

Chief Feature 1: Stubbornness (mild)
Chief Feature 2: Self-deprecation (mild)


Mild??? Perhaps now but I spent many years in the thrall of some kind of chief feature. I've sure had plenty of arrogance and Impatience along with Self-deprecation and Stubbornness.


True Work/Life Task: “To generate and share Affection”
True Play: Exploring, Wandering, Helping
True Rest: Silence, Reading, Researching
True Study: “Life,” People, Motivations

COMMENTS: We describe your Task as being “To generate and share Affection,” and this is quite literal. Affection here refers to the more tangible aspects of Agape, which is a kind of resonance that can be felt with or without physical contact. It can be felt via touch, experienced via interaction, or observed via perception, but it is tangible. It is something that is difficult to ignore or question, even if it is rejected. Affection as an extension of Agape does not require recognition or even exchange, because the giver and receiver are not interpreted as being so separated. When the resonance is there, both benefit, however one or the other interprets it.

If this Task is pursued, it would most likely show up as a kind of “walking softly,” but with a permanent olive branch, rather than a big stick, if you will. There would be a kind of intentionless intention behind choices and navigation of the life, much like a small boat on the ocean with only an oar. There is a surrender to the fact of larger forces at work on the life, or the boat, if you will, and while you can direct yourself to some degree in direction, the profound embrace and curiosity for whatever floats to you, or by you, is the emphasis here. Your boat is stocked; the rest is adventure.

If this Task is rejected, it might show up as a distraction with material or survival issues that are felt to be more demanding for addressing than the intimacy allowed or developed between yourself and others. In other words, you would put off may opportunities for affection, thinking that it must wait until you are more presentable and acceptable, yourself.

From what we can see, there are many who are grateful that you have not chosen to reject the Task.

The comments about the task give definition to and describe an aspect of what I have come to be about.  Nice image: "Your boat is stocked; the rest is adventure."  When I was 8 or 9 years old and had a hamster I pursued the idea of generating and sharing affection.  I thought I could make the hamster and our cat friends.  I put the hamster in front of the cat on my bed and the cat made one quick reach with its paw touching the hamster's neck and the hamster died of fright.  I shed tears.

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13 minutes ago, Ingun said:

@Janet has let me know that she will change the author to be under Maxim's profile after I have posted this report (which I had in my files).


@Ingun, I'm going to change the name of the report to Maxim's ESSENCE AND PERSONALITY PROFILE. An Essence Report speaks to one's whole Grand Cycle. Did you mean to post his Essence Report?

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18 minutes ago, Ingun said:

@Janet has let me know that she will change the author to be under Maxim's profile after I have posted this report (which I had in my files).


When I saw your comment, I went ahead and took care of it for you @Ingun

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