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Michael Speaks ~ August 23, 2020 ~ Collective Consciousness and how that works

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70% likelihood for Biden and 90% for chaotic election is not making me rest easy for now.
But the 28% and dropping for IS was a weird jaw shaking tear-jerk.

I'll need to read the whole thing about collective consciousness properly as i confess i rushed over some bits to where i saw percentages 🤣 But i love the idea this parallel is dealing with healing the past. That's wonderful. I'm sure we're all feeling it happening.

And as we all play a small role in all of this, i'm sure it has some effect that we, however small a community we are here on TLE, are doing our own bits in healing the very ancient wounds by retracting and getting aware of our origins and all that deep, deep wounding. I know i am, and i was just thinking about this yesterday, how incredibly important and healing it has been for me to learn about it. A shout-out to @Connor and everyone else involved. 💚

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5 hours ago, Uma said:

For example, the notion of "tolerance" is being left behind in favor of authentic inclusion/acceptance. It is no longer acceptable to simply tolerate each other. You may find more and more of you, even as Old Souls, choosing not to tolerate that which need not be tolerated, and choosing, instead to support only authentic inclusion and acceptance.


This is happening on a mass scale that could not have happened without individuals making that call on their own.


It made a difference.


I love synchronicity! I just saw this on FB -- posted by someone I know is an Old Soul. 🌀


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Saw this video on Facebook today.


The hurricane are heading to some of the poorest and most unequal  areas in the country...again.


On a personal level a storm here a month ago flooded our basement again.  This time though we just accelerated our plans to fix the problem.


The West is on fire...again. Income inequality.  Deforestation. No special consideration for building so close to natural spaces. Over production of agriculture for profit.


Anger.  Desperation.  Unsustainable farm practices. Income inequality.


All of these have been or are being pointed out.


We are starting to move.  A giant roused from slumber. Groggy and confused.  But moving.


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happy, thrilled, awed, scared, hopeful, trusting.. I love all this. let's keep moving forward!! ❤️ thank you Troy and Michaels. I love you all!!


and this had to be done xD



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9 hours ago, Christian said:

Didn't fit the Republicans' agenda for the nation (and the world) to know about this it seems. Very clear by the end of the video, where they talk about the upcoming election. Fuckheads and fuckwits. SOCIAL MEDIA. And the locals, who will vote, ehhh they still know?? They are there!? Did their critter brains really think not helping and brushing this massive scale storm and destruction under the rug will make them keep the republican climate change denying senator in power? I must not be understanding the whole picture here, or are they just crazy.

Anyway, it makes me feel so good to see young people using social media for this type of thing. Man, i believe in our youth, i really do.

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Thank you to @Troy, the transcribers, the questioners, and of course the M's! This was a great session.


- 90% probability of the election being "chaotic and contested" - yeah it looks to be shaping up to be just that. Fuckface is not going down without a fight, because he KNOWS that if and when he's turfed out, he's bare-assed to the wind with a huge storm coming up behind him. So, for that matter, are the Traitor Tots. The whole fam damily is in up to their necks. I am, however, glad to see that the probabilities for a Biden presidency are going up.


- Wow what a reduction in the IS manifestation probability! I wonder if the combination of people being housebound due to COVID (and therefore turning inward and doing a lot of personal reflection and growth because how much CAN you binge even if you have Hulu, Netflix, AND Amazon Prime?), Black Lives Matter, and the fact that going out and voting in the midterms DID make a difference in 2018, has meant that the IS might not be as urgently needed? A lot of people I know, me included, are dialing WAY back on social media and I wonder if that is letting more Truth seep in. (I am not a Luddite. I use Facebook. I use Instagram. But in a way, I feel like good fences made good neighbors and the pre-Facebook era had that much more than the current one.)


- @KurtisM, I liked your question, and I resonated with the M's saying that the past is alive and needs the same love and care as our present and future do. Seth has said that "time" as we know it is...complicated. They said that basically, the ensouled human experience depends on existing in Time, and having experiences play out through long earth seasons. (Paraphrased) Maybe this is what has drawn me back to writing my Earth's Children fanfic again...?

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On 8/23/2020 at 7:08 PM, Uma said:

We can also say that there is a 90% likelihood of the election being one of the most chaotic and controversial.

I think the scenario covered here in this video might have something to do with the 90% likely most chaotic and controversial outcome:

TLDW: There is a definite possibility that the high volume of mail-in ballots and the relative closeness of the election might make Trump and Trump country think they've won on election night only to get the rug swept out from under them as more ballots get counted weeks later, causing them to feel like election fraud cheated their master. 

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Birdy Bear
On 8/24/2020 at 9:08 AM, Troy said:

so the tool of Tolerance is neutral, but we have turned it against ourselves over time by not taking a stand when we needed to take a stand, especially a stand for others.

Thanks @Troy- feels to me like a modified Ani Difranco lyric: “every tool is a weapon, if you hold it right” (My I. Q.), but with your addition of “or wrong” xo

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Connie Stansell-Foy
On 8/23/2020 at 4:08 PM, Uma said:

If there is a virus mutation discovered that kills and spreads faster and among a wider range of population, the Infinite Soul manifestation would ramp up dramatically in probability.


This shouldn't be behind a paywall, but let me know if you aren't able to read it.



Basically, yeah,

"The new study, which has not been peer-reviewed, was posted Wednesday on the preprint server MedRxiv. It appears to be the largest single aggregation of genetic sequences of the virus in the United States thus far. A larger batch of sequences was published earlier this month by scientists in the United Kingdom, and, like the Houston study, concluded that a mutation that changes the structure of the “spike protein” on the surface of the virus may be driving the outsized spread of that particular strain."


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