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ENERGY REPORT - September 2020


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2 hours ago, Uma said:


I'm feeling a lot of increased, amped-up energy these days and am wondering if it is IS energy I am perceiving. The SCOTUS hearings seem to be bringing this facet to the forefront of awareness. It makes me cringe and want to shut it out, look away--anything not to have my face rubbed in that shit. It's their last stand and it feels sometimes like they're winning. The election can't come soon enough for me. If the Dems win with a landslide, I'll feel much better about everything.


Same here- feeling a lot of both positive and negative increased, amped-up energy.  Sensing both so strongly simultaneously has been a new experience for me.  I don't know whether to feel exhilarated with hope or terrified of what's to come in response.

I just hope that when election day comes around, enough in-person and advance ballots will have been cast and counted for Joe Biden that he's obviously won- and by such a large margin Trump won't have any legal grounds to challenge it.

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This helps now in October too (I added the bullets to M's 'list'):





I DO NOT HAVE TO SAVE THE WORLD, JUST BE A PART OF IT - We continue to emphasize the power and value of honoring and acknowledging how much your thoughts, actions, and even private feelings contribute to the state of the planet. What you do in your private thoughts, secret actions, and personal feelings all informs how you see and experience and participate in the world, and this is why it is helpful to remember that you are a part of it.

  • If you need help, ask for it. If you can shift your spiraling anger toward creative passion, do so.
  • If you can love your body for a few hours in ways that dismantle your usual self-loathing, do so.
  • If you can allow yourself to be alone today without interpreting this as being lonely, do so.
  • If you can allow yourself to desire and want even as you know it may take time to get what you desire and want, do so.

BE KIND - When the inner or outer world feels overwhelming, or you wonder what you could possibly do when you feel you cannot do much to make a difference, always remember to BE KIND. This can be your go-to state. The world is on fire and everyone is screaming, remembering only to BE KIND can give you the calm and focus that allows you to care for yourself and others as you can, when you can, and if you can. If there is nothing else you can do for anyone in the world, you can always BE KIND. Be Kind to a stranger, to yourself, to an animal, to a plant, even to a creative project. Being Kind is the bridge or path that helps you keep moving toward what you CAN DO.


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@Ingun Thank you for reposting that. It reminds me of something the rabbi said at the Kol Nidre I went to last month: "To deprive others of our presence is actively counterrevolutionary."

I have not been able to stop thinking about that. I deprive others of myself, and myself of others, all the time. 

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