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20131221 OMW: What I Learned in 2013


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OMW - Dec 21, 2013 - What I Learned in 2013


Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. 


We understand the request is for a review of your past year.


[GeraldineB] with the inclusion of "What I learned"


[Martha] Hello Michael


[MEntity] We can approach this subject any number of ways, but with the emphasis on "what I learned," we have a couple of suggestions for how to go about this review today.


[GeraldineB] sounds good


We know that we can look to specific instances that you may wish to explore, but to truly grasp what was learned, it can be helpful to explore just how your Overleaves operated over the year, and how they were challenged, supported, and to which pole one tended to lean.




In a year that was threaded with the energy of Sage, you would want to look at these 7 elements that would tend to be prompted as part of any attempts to learn during the year:


ONE - what efforts did you make to bring into your awareness the recognition of innocence in yourself and others?


TWO - what efforts did you make to bring levity to your struggles and challenges?


THREE - what did you do to bring honesty to your communication?


FOUR - what did you do to truly communicate (listen, as well as express)?


FIVE - what efforts did you make to own the responsibility of your influence on others who may be affected by how and what you express?


SIX - what did you do to play?


SEVEN - what truths did you face?


In asking these questions of yourself, you will see just how much of your year was about these elements as a thread or undercurrent through nearly everything?


Before we move on, how do you feel about these questions in terms of their relevance to your past year?


[GeraldineB] all have been highly relevant to me


[Janet] I feel I generally had a good year and learned a lot based on these elements


[GeraldineB] oddly enough, this is the first time I used the filter of innocence as a conscious attribute


[ViP1] I feel that I've seen these elements being present, and may have applied them around 50 percent on average - I felt like I was beginning to become aware of how to bring consciousness to these things over the past year


[Martha] I'm not concentrating well today, but most of those sound Sagey to this Sage, for sure, and good points to look at.


[Martha] And I definitely can see where I worked on some of those


[ViP1] I think I could have let myself do better at the "let myself play", but it wasn't the best year that I've had for that


[Maureen] Yes -- I feel after your comments that I may have had quite a delightful year...and I got more "done" than I realized.


[Martha] #5 is one I did take a hard look at recently (thank you Troy)


[Maureen] A truth I face is there is a Part of me that doesn't want me to "play" -- it wants me to "work".


[Maureen] ....but I do anyway. 😉


[MEntity] Keep in mind that these questions are not to ask of you if you had a "good" year, or a failed year, or a successful year. These questions are to ask of you which of these elements may have stood out with emphasis, which ones seemed prominent, new, familiar, most challenging, most neglected, etc. 


[Janet] Some of these elements I feel are inherent to me. Probably FIVE owning my responsibility and SEVEN facing truths were prominent.


[MEntity] In terms of what you learned, this list of questions will help you to see the most basic underpinning of the past year's overall "point."


[Martha] Based on recent events, I think wrapping up some self destructive elements has been one of the points for me


[MEntity] The questions that bring up the most obvious in terms of emphasis, either in conscious priority, or seeming demand on you, would tend to be "what you learned" in the past year.


[Martha] as well as looking hard at #4 and #5


[ViP1] I'd say 2 and 6 were neglected for me - 3, 5 and 7 I thought were emphasized more


[MEntity] Those areas of neglect do not mean something was missed. You would have emphasized those if there were any interest. So it is those that were of priority to you, or of priority because of demand upon you.


[GeraldineB] Accepting the concept of innocence and actively applying it seems to have been what I learned most -- the other elements were already in place


For those whose Role (or Casting) is the same as the year, there can tend to be a great familiarity with the energy that threads through the year, but there would tend to be some kind of emphasis on blind spots for that Role, then.


Now, bring in your own Role to the mix. The same questions would apply, but in light of your own Role (particularly if different from Sage).


In other words, AS A PRIEST, what did you learn is playful to the Priest? What did you learn is the truth about being a Priest? How did you find that you communicate as a Priest?


And so forth.


[GeraldineB] As sage-casted Sage, I think the reason I resonate with all of those items is that they describe me at this time in my life


That would make sense, as you are Manifesting Essence nearly full-time now.


Or rather, as often as is relevant and meaningful.


In terms of the year and its "lessons," this is the broadest and greatest context with which to assess.


All of these elements seem to have an impact on me as an Artisan, but the focus of each changes with new experiences. Does completion of the 5th IM mean that we would generally have a different view of these elements than pre-5th? They all seem somewhat natural to me.


[MEntity] Play with these questions more over the next few days to see what other ways they might be meaningful and relevant, both in terms of general themes, but also in terms of your own Role as it explored those themes.


[GeraldineB] Michael, if you have anything to offer about Troy throughout this session, please do so. He needs these reviews as much as we do


[MEntity] If an Internal Monad was completed in this year, this would mean that the themes of the current year would have tended to be relevant to what was necessary for that completion.


[Maureen] Michael -- I feel like I was "solidly" in all the 7 Elements. Some days I think I make a better Sage than a Priest.


[Maureen] That was a joke -- but there's a lot of truth in it for me.


[GeraldineB laughs, well, Maureen . . .I think you could work a bit more on "innocence" 🙂


[Maureen] LOL


[Maureen] Actually -- I see the Innocence -- I just don't choose to "act on it" at times.


[MEntity] This last exchange is an important prompt for us to remind you that because of your differences in Role, the ease with which these elements come to you are entirely different. For example, the Priest must struggle to see the innocence in others. It is often a useless term to a Priest, whereas the Sage must learn to be more discriminating and refined in how and where to draw the line between innocence and abuse/exploitation.


[Martha] oh yeah


[GeraldineB] good point


[Janet] Whereas for the Artisan it might be a struggle to even see the others, much less whether or not there is innocence?


[MEntity] Janet, that is valid.


[Martha] would that apply to all I went through with my cat? It took what some people considered an extreme amount of abuse before I could give up on him.


[MEntity] Not really. Non-sentient animals are not abusive. There is no intent to harm for benefit, only as defense.


[Martha] Oh, I get that. I could still see his beautiful self in there. I know he wasn't trying to be mean.


[ViP1] if it would not be digressing, Michael, could you say a little more about this? "For example, the Priest must struggle to see the innocence in others. It is often a useless term to a Priest"


[MEntity] The reason the Priest has a harder time with innocence being upheld is because the idea of innocence often equates "excuses," or unaccountability. There is a high standard of accountability in most Priests, particularly after the mid-Mature Levels.


[ViP1] I see - when combined with the idea of applying concepts to "self" at Old soul age, that especially sounds familiar


[Maureen] Yes -- "Once you see the Truth, Do the Work"


[Maureen] [that just popped into my head]


The reason that Sages find innocence to be a more natural perspective is because they have counted on that factor in themselves for so long as a way to maneuver through struggles, sometimes in ways that excuse responsibility, and eventually as a standard for honesty.




To move on to more specific exploration of your year, we would move on to the Goal.


In a year that is a Goal of Flow, the combination with your own Goal can be easier to explore. 


What you would want to ask yourselves is how you managed the navigation between CHOICE and ALLOWANCE in the past year, particularly in terms of how you went about your navigation of events in the past year.


There are some events that require your choices as part of your navigation, and some events that require your allowance. This is the difference between knowing when you can control a situation, and when you must simply steer through it.


This is what you were learning in the past year.


[Janet] That is an interesting question since my goal is Dominance, but I am also a Stoic so ALLOWANCE also seems to be a struggle between Resignation and Tranquility.


There are two points to address there, Janet. One is that your Goal, then, is about knowing when and how to lead, how and when to stand as an example, and in a year of Flow, this would mean knowing when and how to lead and represent either steering through forces greater than you, or when and how to relax against the strain of trying to sustain control.


The other is that Resignation is a refusal, a giving up, and relinquishing of power, whereas Tranquility is an embrace of a force greater than you as a way to come back to one's center.


[Janet] I understand this now Michael. But I had not made these connections with the yearly over leaves until you presented this material.


That is why a walkthrough together can be helpful.


Together, as in, with others as a means to have more input and perspective.


In terms of the Mode of the year, how present do you feel you were to those with whom you are relating, exploring intimacy, working on projects, etc.


Did you learn that your presence matters? Did you learn that your helping another to honor the impact of his or her presence made a difference?


Those are the themes that would be in effect in your relationships.


In terms of the Attitude, did you find that you were able to uphold an ideal, a vision, a dream for fulfillment? Did you find that you were demanding fulfillment without doing the work of the steps?


Did you find that there are no short cuts?


That you must "do the work?"


These may seem like questions that would be valid in any year, and they would be, but in particular to this year, these would be quite insightful for extracting and clarifying just what you learned in the past year.


This means from EVERYTHING, not just in general, but from all of your experiences.


[Martha] We've had an influx of excited newbies on TLE lately, but some just seem to NOT want to "do the work"


[MEntity] We wish to note, as well, that the list of Overleaves we have worked through are from the greatest, broadest context, down to the most tangible and specific.


[Maureen] You sound like a Priest Martha... 😉


[Martha] Well, they've been very loud about it!


[Maureen] [that was a joke...]


[GeraldineB] Not everyone knows "how" to do the work -- they think learning the theory is enough


[Martha] Or mapping the theory


[Maureen] LOL


[MEntity] Martha, that is not necessarily valid. Many of the fragments we have seen arrive are new to their Agreements with us, and therefore new to the concept of such "work." To begin studies with us is to begin that process of realization that there is work to do that cannot be done passively.


[Martha] So, more "growing pains" then refusal?


[Martha] I can see that


[Janet] Learning what Michael teaches is different now than when many of us started. There is far more than a single book. It must be overwhelming for those that are new.


[Martha] Oh, yes!


[Martha] We had to take our little dribbles of info as we could find them. Now, there is a flood.


[GeraldineB] When you say new to agreements, Michael, do you mean this is their first lifetime working with you?


[Maureen] Well it was "Flow" this year. 🙂


[MEntity] The amount of access to us, or the amount of information available, has no bearing on this. It is a matter of individual consciousness. Some come to the realization that there is work to do, and some come to the realization that they prefer not to do that work. This is how we meet with and secure Agreements with our students.


[ViP1] actually I've made a conscious decision to take a break from frequent sessions with Michael and let myself live with what i've learned for a bit, so I can try to apply it instead of most of it remaining theoretical


[ViP1] not sure how long that break will last, probably not as long as I think 🙂


[MEntity] In addition to this, when a new wave of students arrive among those who are already secured as our students, the validity of just what has been learned, and how that is being integrated and applied, comes to light for the older students.


[Janet] I definitely can understand that.

[MEntity] VIP, the time and experience relevant for integration and application is valid, but the distancing or separation from the teacher is not necessary unless there is an unhealthy exploitation of the teacher as a means of escape.


[ViP1] I think there was at one point (and I said as much to Troy once), but not any more


[ViP1] it's more that I feel I've gotten to a point where I can't absorb any more new information without trying to put what I already have into real application - then I think that will generate new directions of interest


[MEntity] We would describe it as a dependency that turned into a trust, not as an exploitive escape.


[ViP1] but I do plan to check in regularly, of course


[ViP1] thanks - there I go being hard/accountable on myself again 🙂 where is the innocence in me!!


[MEntity] We are not discouraging your choices, but simply helping to clarify them.


[ViP1] that does help and put a more inclusive perspective on it, I'll certainly remember that

[Janet] I am wondering if Michael would like to comment on how well (or not) our TLE community handled the most recent situation with the new student who caused an uproar and left after numerous disagreements. I feel an effort was made to apply what we've learned. Is that the case?


To respond to Janet: we think the community displayed tremendous application of our teaching, ranging in spectrum from benefit of the doubt to having to own one's limitations. Allowing others the benefit of the doubt may seem obvious as a means to display the effects of a beneficial teaching, but owning one's limitations and boundaries can be much more difficult to do, and to see as a benefit from a teaching.


Owning one's limitations and boundaries is very different from defending or justifying them.


The most tangible, and the most specific of what was learned over the course of 2013, then, would be relevant to how you may have been convinced that your worthiness and value were dependent upon Sacrifice, at best, and on Suicide, or rejection of a life force, at worst, presuming that the self was not worth the life force being wasted on it.


The idea that sacrifice is necessary for the value of something to be increased, is a defense against the fear of unworthiness. Or put another way, that sacrifice somehow adds value.


How often did you find your sense of value because of the sense that you are sacrificing something? How often did you find that the sense of value of someone else was dependent upon his or her displaying sacrifice?


[Martha] I feel like I sacrificed my peace of mind and sense of safety all year with my poor cat, but did that somehow add value in that sense? Yes, it made me feel like I was doing what a good, loving pet owner "should" be doing, to try my hardest with him, but I didn't feel like it was an ego trip.  But would this qualify as Self destruction in action?


To respond to Martha, yes, there was sacrifice, but not along the way; only in the end. By this we mean that the path was one of value for life, and that one was not more valuable than another. However, in the end, there was a retroactive interpretation of your actions as "sacrifice" so that your choice could be upheld as justified and noble.


That is when the defense came.


[Martha] I don't feel noble, but I couldn't live with a wildly unpredictable cat any more.


[MEntity] However, as the defense wears off, you will know that you sacrificed nothing. You chose to give the best chance to a life that you deemed as being as worthy as your own.


[Martha] and I had no humane alternative


You did the same in giving birth.


Both have come with their problems.


Both have come with their toll.


[Martha] laughing through my tears here


[Martha] Can I request the cat hive send me an easier friend next time? 😄


But what you learned this year is that there is/was no sacrifice. Only choice.




Until your space is free from internal and external chaos, there would still be an effect on a companion animal.


[Martha] I'm in no rush to get another




We have offered you a broad range of questions that are deceptively simplistic for your use in assessing your year in terms of what you have learned. Spend some time with these questions and What we will do now is offer each of you a quick phrase to help you in your assessment.

What we offer here would be placed alongside your own assessments and phrasing for other things learned. Consider these suggestions as examples, but not definitive.


GERALDINE: what we see you have learned is THAT IT IS ALL WORTH IT. This can be interpreted in several ways, in several contexts, but it is a valid phrase to capture the range of what was learned. So much is now included in what was "worth it."


[GeraldineB] yes, I can see that

[MEntity] JANET: what we see you having learned is that I AM NOT DEAD; I AM NOT DYING. We would have liked to use the phrase, "I am still alive," but that is not as to the point. The first phrases describe the internal and external struggle to assert oneself as accepting the continuation of life (and all that the term "life" implies.)


[Janet] Wow. That's a lot to ponder.


[MEntity] So much of this past year was your about your ownership of your creative forces that are often subtle, but vital.


[Janet] That part I can understand.

MARTHA: we see what you have learned as being I CAN DO THIS. The past year was themed in taking on challenges that were far "over your head," dependent upon patience, endurance, persistence, optimism, and possibility.


So much of this past year was about owning your confidence in your choices, even if your actions were shaky.


[Martha] Shaky?


[MEntity] Yes: uncertain; not always able to be implemented ideally; requiring you to negotiate, to return to them, etc.


[Martha] Oh, yes, I see that

[MEntity] MAUREEN: your past year would appear to have brought great learning about: I'M ONLY HUMAN. This was a year that emphasized your blind spots, your trigger points, your necessity for pleasures, intimacy, your limits to compassion, and your humanity.


[Maureen] That sounds right.  🙂


The trajectory toward cycling off can be daunting, so there can come a shift in gears toward reminding oneself of the best and worst of being Human. This past year has been an exploration of those things, as painlessly as possible.


This "best and worst" of being Human was not only in terms of your person, but in terms of how others exemplify this.


[Maureen] Thanks Michael, I love you too. 


[MEntity] Ironically, this past year helped to build what will most likely be one of your most compassionate years alive as 2014 comes into full swing.


[Maureen] I'm looking forward to that.  🙂

VIP, we might describe your past year as having learned: I WAS ALWAYS FREE. This was a year of ownership for your position among others, your position of power, your position of choice, your acceptance of your depths for love and patience, and your recalibrating your sense of direction to own all of this.


So much of your past year was not about breaking free, but about knowing what free means and is and what it looks like.


[ViP1] you got it


[ViP1] i feel "free" expanding mentally by the minute literally since I've been sitting here during the afternoon


We would say to Troy that he has learned: THIS IS WHY I LIVED. This is not to describe some end result or reward for the life lived, but to describe the ownership of just what he has created with his choices over the lifetime. This channel has overcome death and abuses to the life in a way that make it hard to understand why he lives, if looked at in terms of rewards or end results.


But when the life is looked at in terms of cumulative effects of choice, it is about the path, not the destination.

Good evening to each of you. We know that far more has been learned than we can summarize, and we know that far more will be learned even beyond your assessments, but it is Good Work to look back on a block of time and consider how you might extract the best from it.



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