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Elegance - quotes from MEntity through Troy

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From Michael Speaks - Elegant Use Of Energy - 3rd May 2001

[lateavatar] I’m sort of confused about the difference between the “elegant use of energy” that’s coming up, and the idea that energy that we draw upon is infinite.


Energy is infinite, but not in one form. “You” exist only within a temporary time frame, but you will live forever. Coal is one form of Energy that is not infinite, but the energy gained from it (primarily Sun Energy) is far more “infinite” than that, in comparison, while that which makes the Sun is still even more “infinite”. Within certain contexts, there are limits, and this must be understood in order to grow. Energy is infinite, but not its forms.


An example of Elegance, by the way, is in how Essence manifests across time in various bodies and personalities. In your particular world, it would be difficult to maintain only one body within your world’s density for a very long duration (relatively speaking). Reincarnating is Elegance. Within a life, the use of a day is like an incarnation of the psyche, as a lifetime is to the soul. This is why you sleep. Getting restful sleep is Elegance.



From: Energy Report February 2017

One of the primary concerns for our students and those who are contributing to the collective Devotion and Compassion momentum is the concept of Elegance.


The year was launched with a fury and flurry of energy that cannot be sustained. Those pushing the patterns of Subservience and Zeal are likely to discover this sooner than later, but even those with the passion fueling Devotion and Compassion soon discover the “burn out.”

Elegance helps relieve this concern. Elegance is a process of harnessing fury and stretching this out into calmness. Elegance is ingeniousness, simplicity, and pleasure.


In other words, the momentum of Devotion and Compassion must pace itself and begin measures that funnel energy into simplicity, pleasures, and ingenious solutions that make the absolute most of the energy at hand so that energy can replenish to sustain momentum.



From: Blind Spots of Attitude -- Pragmatist

MEntity: We have defined "elegance" as that economy of energy that gives the greatest amount of return for the least amount of expenditure.



From: Amanda's 2020 Quick Preview

Elegance is a term we use to describe the maximum amount of return for the minimum amount of expense. This is important to you as your bank of “spoons” cannot always be expanded, but how they are used can bring fulfilling expansion.



DianeHB's session - Money As A Life Force... - 17 Sept 2018

DianeHB: How do you define "economy" in the contexts other than money? As in the management of resources/energy?


MEntity: Yes, we are using the term "economy" in terms of both managing your resources and energy, and in terms of elevating that economy toward elegance, or the most amount of value for the least amount of loss/investment/effort.



Uma's POF - August 9, 2017

MEntity: What you describe in the first part of your questioning is what we refer to as ELEGANCE. Elegance is when the use of energy is at its most efficient in both its levels of greater force and its generation through choice. In other words, it is the most graceful balance between what you can control and what you cannot.

This tends to happen the more one aligns with Essence.


It is not a guarantee that things will go as expected or that things will even go smoothly. Elegance does not exempt one from the curveballs of life and the usual gambles and risks that are a part of every trajectory, but it does help one to remain in a space to navigate these more effectively. You are experiencing this Elegance, then.



DianeHB's session - Reconciling The Weird And The Practical - August 16, 2018

MEntity: ............... We can suggest that you consider they are not different things. The "weird and inspirational" IS "practical." The "practical" IS "weird and inspirational." If they could not be the same things, then you would have no innovation, no exploration, no ideas, no creativity, no art, no breakthroughs, no evolution. What most people think of as "practical" is dogma. It is a reference to only what has been known to work and a return to the comfort of what has worked, even if it no longer works. But True Practicality is not dependent upon the familiar. It is dependent upon adaptability, flexibility, efficiency, elegance, and even creativity. In short, there is no conflict or difference between "the weird and inspirational" and "the practical" when you are creating something new.


Hanna's session My BodyTypes and Instinctive Center - Jan 28, 2016

[MEntity] This is one of the reasons the Lunar BodyType can be of the most "immature" but also of the most elegant in its use of energy.


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Interesting collection, thank you for making it.  "Elegance" in English is such a balanced term in itself, both mathematical and aesthetic.  As a counterbalance to Entropy, cool.  Thanks!

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There's a lot here on how Pragmatists use elegance, which I found insightful.

But my favourite part is the exploration with Diane about how the weird and inspirational IS practical.

Cause I mean... creativity is cool as heck, but also efficient, helpful and practically ingenious.

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On 10/12/2020 at 8:33 AM, Meg said:

"Elegance" in English is such a balanced term in itself, both mathematical and aesthetic.

Interesting point. I’ve always thought of elegance kind of relating to human joints (like a ball in socket joint) and how we can use those joints to move fluidly. There’s a structural integrity in the rigid part of a joint, but it can move in any direction because of that rigidity, and every movement has the potential to be fluid.  

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