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My Octopus Teacher

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My Cadence Mate suggested a film this evening on Netflix called "My Octopus Teacher". I watched this evening. It may be the most beautiful film that I have seen. The documentary is about a man who dives into a kelp forest off the coast of South Africa. He dives into the water daily and gradually learns about the interactions of the many different lifeforms that he comes across. Over time, he learns how to track them. He builds a friendship with an octopus. I did not realize how extraordinary and beautiful this lifeform is until I watched this film. The bond and trust that built between them made me cry/sob quite a bit. There was a level of unison between them that I have not seen often if ever. The film portrayed how much we can learn from marine life and animals in general. The imagery and sounds are beautiful too. This month has been rather depressing but the film helped lift my spirits even though it had moments that were painful to watch. I thought i would share it here



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