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Energy Report: JUNE 2010

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JUNE 2010

April marked the shift of emphasis from the GOAL of the year to the MODE for the year. We remind you that it is not that the energy represented by the GOAL dissipates, but that it is built upon. In this case, the Mode of Power is building upon the Goal of Dominance.

What we have seen over May among our students has been an interesting display of exploration of Power Mode in that our students have truly exemplified the range between AUTHORITY and OPPRESSION, the positive and negative poles.

For those who have resisted their personal sense of right to express themselves, and to be present in their lives, the emphasis over May would have been on those factors within and without that contribute to the sense of Oppression. This appears to have shown up for many as symbolic on levels that go beyond the obvious. What we have seen is that, rather than seek to transform the more intimate elements of oppression that may contribute to the sense of lacking presence, importance, meaning, effectiveness, expression, etc., this was explored in terms of global events symbolizing the same. Because the vision of the Older Soul can sometimes be far-sighted in emphasis, missing what is "right in front" of them, the symbols that are necessary for transforming personal challenges can show up externally, and in impersonal ways. This can then show up in politics, natural disasters, major headlines, etc.

For instance, the recent blunders of British Petroleum have helped to accommodate many in terms of exploring Power, as this is directly rooted across political, disaster, environmental, climate, major headlines, etc. Some of our students may have become depressed, angry, or deeply affected by this recent event, and for those students we would suggest that your challenges with personal expression are related to how you view yourself in relation to "The World." Your personal sense of expression, authority, meaning, effectiveness, etc, are challenged by the question of how much of a difference one person can make on such large scales. For those students, we would suggest that this is your chance to embrace two Universal Truths that exist, with or without your acceptance, approval, or comprehension:



For other fragments, the month of May revealed the challenges of Oppression more intimately within one's relationship to career, other individuals, to dreams, to animal companions, etc. Those relationships are far less symbolic, and specific to the dynamics of that relationship. In those cases, we would suggest keeping in mind the question of how PRESENT one has been in those relationships, and the degree to which one has been Present is the degree to which one has been Honest. The degree to which one is Honest and Present is the degree to which one is in Authority of one's own Expression. Being Honest and Present does not mean that one has to put oneself in danger, if being more restricted in expression is necessary for "keeping the peace," or not provoking danger, but then for one to make that choice it is an act of Authority, and is not a matter of Oppression; this is simply a smart choice that takes into account the impact of expression in that relationship. When one makes the choice to withhold expression for the sake of navigating real danger, it does not feel in any way Oppressive, but feels intelligent, temporary, and within context. For those relationships where fear is dominant in an unnecessary way, then it is usually a matter of dishonesty and lack of presence, particularly if one feels Oppressed.

The key to moving from Oppression to Authority within your relationship to anyone or anything is to rekindle your power of choice. In terms of your relationship to the world, your power of choice would have to undergo a redefinition that is not dependent on immediate gratification, but upon the honesty and presence of your expression as you deem necessary. In terms of relationship to others, and to more specific situations, your power of choice would have to undergo a redefinition that is not dependent upon convenience, comfort, or the approval of others, but upon your sense of honesty and presence as is necessary for your well-being.

In addition to our review of May, we will also note that a drop in energy for most has occurred, and by this we simply mean that a momentum that was in place from January has now come to a pivotal period of evaluation. One's sense of effectiveness, presence, personal expression, etc. is being explored, and while this is being done in relation to the world and others, it is quite a personal evaluation. This will continue through June.

As June unfolds, we would say that this month is the month TO TALK IT OUT. June is pivotal in terms of one's evaluation of personal Power, expression, and presence, in that it may require you to confide in someone, openly or privately. These talks can be with others who will help you to find your blind spots, or with those with whom you have any challenges related to lack of presence, stifled expression, or dishonesty in your self-representation. These talks can be for the point of finding solutions, or for the point of venting so that a clearer space can be made in the psyche for alternative perspectives and insights. However one might feel he or she is challenged in terms of relationship to the world or to others, June has revealed a pattern that is supportive of TALKING IT OUT, which means speaking or writing words that best convey your more intangible feelings and thoughts.

For those who have moved through May into the more Authoritative end of the poles of POWER, it may have been experienced as revelations within current relationships, or as the emphasis on new relationships that embody a long-term ideal of honesty, presence, and expression. This does not mean those who have moved through these months in the positive pole of the Power Mode energy do not have feelings about the blunder of British Petroleum, or that there are not other areas of the life that may need addressing, but that there is at least one example of how Power Mode can play out when in the Positive Pole of Authority within a relationship.

June appears to bring with it one of the more recent, impressive displays of Power Mode in the media and politics, so we do expect to find many students finding insight and inspiration from that symbolism in terms of how that may work on a more personal scale. We do not know if this display is in terms of Positive or Negative expression, but we suspect that this would be determined on a relative level. This is not a prediction, but merely an observation of momentum.

KEY DATES over JUNE: no specific dates

KEY PHRASE over JUNE: "I CHOOSE TO BE PRESENT and HONEST IN MY EXPRESSION" We suggest this as a key phrase for any moment one feels frustrated by any limitations upon personal expression, in relation to the world, or to another. This would allow for a quick assessment of whether the moment is appropriate for personal expression, or whether it is in fact your authority that is choosing to limit expression. It is also a phrase that would help to remind one that Power is not always an immediately tangible, gratifying energy, but one that plants seeds, weaves within and among other choices, and accumulates into pivotal moments of change.


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