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Who would you want to meet?


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So this popped up on Facebook and I thought with lockdowns looming again something fun and imaginative.  Maybe even practice using imagination as a tool for learning.  So work on inviting the person to converse.  Maybe meet and have tea or whatever 


For me, I would want to meet Karl Marx.  I think it would be fascinating to discuss the ways people have expounded on his thoughts and critiques of capitalism and how people see bringing it about.


It would be interesting to see his thoughts on the idea of a resourced based economy.


I think I'd try something like a pub with a fire.  Perhaps it is snowing.  Enjoy so brandy and chat.  Perhaps catch up with the professor.


So....whats yours?



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Cyrus The Great 😄 I want to ask him about what it was like in that era. ancient Persia is like another world to me. we've stepped away so much from our values since then

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Choosing from this list, I'd pick Akhenaten. I'd wonder what has driven him to such... religious extremism, and try to understand him and give him tips. If trauma or difficulties (such has his suspected difformities or disabilities) have caused him to get worse, I would totally comfort him about that stuff.


None of the others really ring a bell for me. I get the feeling he may have been a Baby Priest in his negative pole of Zeal, intellectual center, emotional part (?). Of course, my guesses are my guesses. It reminds me of when I was 10 years old and completely obsessed with Ancient Egypt, especially mummification. I think that one life as an embalmer (or one of the few?) was at the time of the Eighteenth Dynasty, perhaps under his rule. My connection extends from Ahmose up until the Ramessides.

Though, out of this list, I'd pick the ones who were channeled as my entity mates or feel connections to, so we can reunite and put our experiences together to plan our next outing, so to speak. Even the ones who are forgotten today.

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