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JULY 2010

July marks the shift of emphasis from the MODE of the year to the ATTITUDE for the year. We remind you that the energy represented by the GOAL and MODE does not dissipate, but that it is built upon. In this case, the Attitude of Spiritualist is building upon the Goal of Dominance, and the Mode of Power, and of course, the Role of Sage for this year.

July through September tends to be a "season" that explores the collective philosophies and general filter of perception that most are using in terms of looking at, and interpreting, the world and world events. Though everyone will have their own filter of interpretation, personal philosophies, Attitudes, etc, there is still a general perception that is generated from the masses, often reflected in world events, news, politics, and other shared phenomena.

The Attitude is the "hub" of every Personality. The entire Personality is affected by the Attitude. The Attitude is central to the Personality in the same way that a hub is central to a wheel; the Personality is only ever as strong and capable of movement as the strength of that hub. The Attitude is like the hub in that if it is weak, bent, or heavy, it can throw off the movement of the wheel in ways that range from complete lack of navigation, to a crippling roll. It could be said, then, that these months of July through September are kind of opportunity for tuning up the personal Attitude by examining the collective Attitude.

For 2010, we see the collective Attitude best described as SPIRITUALIST.

Each of the Attitudes describes one of 7 basic philosophies that have come to be described and studied through history. Spiritualism could be described as the philosophy of the immaterial, intangible, and non-physical as potential forces to consider. This philosophy can range from the more obvious spirituality that is often contained in religion, and personal values that include the concept of a soul with realms beyond the physical, to the intangibilities, hypotheses, and theories of science, along with thought, emotion, and anticipated long-term consequences. The Spiritualist philosophy does not always manifest as stereotypical religious, pagan, new age, or other metaphysical spirituality, but can manifest as a consideration of possibilities, long-term consequences, and the factor of thought and emotion as it plays in the world of action and result. For the most part, we see the latter as how Spiritualist is manifesting in 2010 among people.

Regardless of your personal philosophies, or your Personality's Attitude Overleaf, the world is "looking through" the lens of the Spiritualist at this point, with an emphasis on the more mundane aspects of this philosophy. The British Petroleum oil geyser has helped to bring this Spiritualistic Attitude into focus for many people across your species. Many "lessons" are being learned on many levels among people because of this event. This is not to say that the British Petroleum accident was part of any plan to "teach a lesson," because that is simply not the case, and in fact, is never the case with disasters or catastrophes on any level. Personalities and Souls often seek to extract lessons from painful or tragic experiences that are part of the nature of the Physical Plane, but these tragedies are not imposed upon the animals, plants, and people simply for the sake of "learning." They are things that "just happened," and one can learn from, or ignore, these events, and one can learn with or without tragedy and harm.

An aside: True "accidents" are rare, and have quite traceable patterns of cause and effect, but this ability to trace the patterns does not mean that such accidental events are generated from some conscious or unconscious intent to learn from them. Often what are deemed "accidents" are merely results that are unwanted, unexpected, and unintended, but still a result of patterns that can be traced back through choices and actions. Keep in mind that we do not consider anything an accident that was anticipated by Essence or Personality, which gives one a wide sphere of vision. A True Accident is one that is not anticipated by Essence or Personality. Learning occurs after-the-fact of any event, whether that event was controlled and anticipated, or chaotic and a complete surprise.

The Spiritualist Attitude has the greatest capacity for True Intelligence as it has the natural inclination for grasping the long-term consequences of thought, feeling, and action. It may be thought that those who are professional scientists and researchers are those who would not have Spiritualist as an Attitude, but something more along the lines of Skeptic or Realist, but that is not the case. Truly scientific thought comes from the imagination, visions, and the by-passing of logic that is necessary for breakthroughs.

All Attitudes have the capacity for True Intelligence, but Spiritualist defaults to embracing the emotional, intuitive, perceptive forms of navigation, which are important elements of True Intelligence that other Attitudes can tend to reject, resist, or limit to specific contexts. The Spiritualist does not restrict intelligence to logic, and embraces the perceptive and intuitive, and this can be its strength or its weakness. The Positive Pole of Spiritualist is Verification, which allows for possibility, anticipation, and potential, but elaborates upon those qualities and validates them through the combined use of logic, intuition, and feeling. Validation for the Spiritualist is done through a loop of awareness that seeks to match possibility, pattern, and probability against actuality. The Negative Pole is Belief, which throws out all logic, intuition, and feeling and simply decides what is valid, or accepts what has been deemed as valid by others.

What we have seen since the blunder that released the oil geyser is a rather somber Spiritualistic look at the far-reaching consequences of this event, and even a look back at the choices that have been made as a species that may have led to this event.

For those in the Positive Pole of Verification, this may have provoked a soft look at how one is living, how one's choices add to the collective choices that can build and prompt, even if indirectly, larger events in the personal live, and world events on larger scales, such as the oil geyser. Consequences can become clear to those in Verification, not because there is an obvious, linear track between cause and effect, but that the cause and the effect are obvious, and that is enough. The questions and concerns that have crossed the minds of those interpreting this BP event through the Positive Pole are asking how, if at all, they can break their personal part in that chain of events. The Positive Pole brings a strong, collective sense about this event, with very little sense of blame for its manifestation, but more of a sense of awakening to the critical mass that has led to this kind of event. There may be strong feelings and thoughts about how the situation is being managed in the current state, but that is different from the examination of the patterns that have created the potential for this scenario in the first place. In other words, even the oldest, wisest, and enlightened of souls on the planet participate in daily conveniences that use resources that are drawn from the planet in less-than-savory ways. This may seem daunting to the older soul as a concern, but with some examination, and some embrace of the larger, long-term consequences of smaller, short-term choices and actions, considerations can come into focus that are meaningful. This applies to the personal life and its own "disasters" that can seem overwhelming. As you may see in the review from our last few reports through this channel, this Spiritualism is building upon the examination of Power Mode from the last "season."

Those in the Negative Pole of Belief may manifest as having fallen prey to the belief in easy blame, anger, rejecting his or her part in the collective patterns that lead to consequences such as these. This inclination toward Belief is often couched in tones of indignation, dismay, disheartenment, self-righteousness, and of course, blame. This is not to say that those involved with the BP incident are not to be held accountable, if those who can do so will choose to do so, but to presume that one is not a part of the pattern that has led to this event is to cut out a vital part of the equation that could lead to alternatives and solutions. If you are reading this, you are more than likely a part of the pattern that led to the possibility and eventual manifestation of this event.

Some fragments may stay away from blame, not because they grasp that it is useless, but because the Negative Pole also leans toward more immediate, self-gratifying Beliefs that avoid feeling, thinking, and acting. Such concepts as "positive energy," "healing light," and "sending good thoughts," etc., while having some validity, do not have validity for most, and certainly do not generate valid solutions for the problem that has prompted these kinds of responses. These concepts are often used as a means to opt out of utilizing perception, using any real thought, and act as an avoidance, suppression, or dismissal of feeling. There is a lack of any overview of consequences, emphasizing making oneself feel better as the priority in the guise of helpful intentions that require little beyond a few quick phrases. All "positive thought," "good intention," or "healing," when valid, must not only be a sustained state that is emphasized, but it must include Physical Plane follow-up and participation in some form. We can say that very little, if anything, happens when a simple "positive" glance of thought, feeling, or gesture in the general direction of an illness, catastrophe, or accident is offered up. This kind of problem-solving and life management is a symptom of Belief, the Negative Pole of Spiritualist. All that we have described here in the context of the BP Oil geyser can be applied on personal scales, as well.

As July unfolds, so will the questions and examinations of the larger patterns of the life, and the look at the thoughts, feelings, and actions that contribute to those larger patterns. As that examination and questioning becomes more obvious, we would think that our students might begin to feel uneasy, slightly anxious, and begin a revisiting of some of the original ideas that had been intended for this year to manifest. To the extent that one begins to feel "back on track" before September ends, is the extent to which one would be free of the October through December "season" that examines the collective Chief Negative Features (fears).

In light of what we have shared here, we can say that, in short, it can be helpful to understand:



Those phrases might be helpful for bridging and building upon the explorations and experiences gathered over the first part of your year.


July 27-30 is a Nexus that is a Convergence of parallels focused on Breakthroughs, Solutions, and implementing long-term plans related to those.

KEY PHRASE over JULY: "EVERYTHING I DO, FEEL, or THINK MAKES A DIFFERENCE." We realize we have extended upon the theme from our last report, but this is intentional and relevant as the transition into the Attitude takes root.

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On 5/24/2016 at 9:20 PM, DanielaS said:

In other words, even the oldest, wisest, and enlightened of souls on the planet participate in daily conveniences that use resources that are drawn from the planet in less-than-savory ways. This may seem daunting to the older soul as a concern, but with some examination, and some embrace of the larger, long-term consequences of smaller, short-term choices and actions, considerations can come into focus that are meaningful.

What you do matters. The choices you make matter. 

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