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I completely support this (especially since I don't buy anything from Amazon if there's any possible alternative anyway).  I think the real power to tear down Amazon's capitalist edifice is with mass unionization of the workers in its facilities, though.  Amazon is far too powerful in the market and far too secure in its position as many impoverished people's only option for a boycott to cause it serious damage.  But the workers rising up and either taking what's theirs, or bringing the whole thing to a stop?  That's what truly scares a... "man" like Bezos.

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definitely into this. i think the issue also lies in the deterioration of worker's right in the US. which just took another huge blow with Prop 22 in california. really hoping that gets worked on too because the gig economy is not a viable alternative especially in the US where health insurance is mostly only accessible/affordable when employed by corporations that can afford and/or are willing to offer their workers health insurance. even obamacare is like obscenely high if you are above "poverty" levels 

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Leela Corman

Amazon are completely evil. In addition to the ways they've warped and injured the publishing industry (my agent once called me just to tell me "Amazon are evil" - my literary agent, who's worked in publishing since the early '80s at least), they're ICE collaborators, and they treat their workers like garbage. So, uh, just giving this my angry thumbs-up, I guess! 


Here's the only proper use for Amazon, and this does matter: if you have any friends who are writers, go give their books five stars there, and write a review if you're so inclined. They've got their hooks so deep in the publishing world that these things matter materially to book publishers and to author sales. Otherwise, buy music directly from its makers on Bandcamp, watch movies on Netflix and Criterion, and buy books through your local indie, and if you don't have a good local indie bookstore because Amazon ate them, go here:




Which is the new indie bookseller ordering portal. ❤️ Love and solidarity. Amazon are not inevitable.

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That's whats next, Amazon will ship people around in old airplanes....next... next....


Amazon purchases used planes as airlines retire older aircraft

Chaffin Mitchell, AccuWeather staff writer

As aircraft values have taken a hit this year with so few customers taking to the skies because of the pandemic, airlines like Delta are speeding up the retirement of their older aircraft. Amazon is taking advantage of the opportunity by buying used planes. Amazon says it’s buying 11 used Boeing 767-300 jetliners from Delta and Canadian airline WestJet and the numbers show the retail giant is getting a deal, CNBC reports. Amazon says the fleet dedicated to its Amazon Air arm will total about 85 planes by the end of 2022.

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