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As July shifts into August, an interesting, pivotal window is in place for many who have been examining their perspectives and philosophies about "what is possible" in terms of original intentions vs current assessments. It could be said this pivotal window is the meeting ground between the tangible and intangible, or a realization or breakthrough of sorts that would allow for focus on fully implementing ideas.

This kind of pivotal window is known as a Nexus in our teachings. A Nexus is a crossroads of various versions of reality on literal levels known as "parallel realities," but also on symbolic levels that could be seen as various philosophical interpretations of reality. At these crossroads the realities either Converge, or Diverge.

A Nexus can happen on Personal, Community, and Global levels, and in this particular report we speak of a Global Level. When a Nexus is experienced Globally, it usually means there is some kind of representation in the media that has the world's eyes, so to speak, focused on it. In this case, there is quite a bit of focus on the British Petroleum Oil Geyser, and the management of that event.

When a Convergence happens, there is a kind of cohesiveness and wholeness that comes during that shift, interlacing various perspectives, interpretations, and stances about reality into one. This happens on a literal, Quantum level, but can also be seen as a symbolic Convergence of shared attitudes. When a Divergence happens, there is a kind of fragmenting and division that comes during that shift, delineating and clarifying the more incompatible versions of reality so that they can go on in separate directions to be explored. Again, this happens on a literal, Quantum level, but can also be seen as symbolic. A Convergence or a Divergence, both, tend to have a theme about which the merging or diverging happens.

In looking at the upcoming shift occurring between the 27th and the 30th of July, we had anticipated a Convergence, a merging of realities that might feel as if they have come back together in a way that might translate into feeling "back on track," bringing a sense of focus, direction, and solid footing to most of our students. However, in the weeks since we have looked at this, we now see that while this is still technically a Nexus we would call a "Convergence," it does appear that a kind of conclusive Divergence is involved. In other words, rather than a branching out of parallels, some will simply end.

In this case, it appears that this Nexus will focus on a profound awareness of what needs to be stripped from your investments you may have been inclined to hang on to as a form of false security, rather than as a form of possibility. In general, what can be stripped away would be those perceptions and efforts in your reality that represent your loss of creativity, your disheartened paths, your sense that nothing matters, and your general jadedness.

This Nexus is a kind of rejuvenation of your Overleaves in a way that might be said to bring an exciting re-emphasis on a sense of risk, awe, and inspiration to the Personality. To fully embrace this, and to fully experience the merging of inner perspectives and realities that represent your willingness and want to get back on track, it would require that a realization take place. This realization would be about the recognition of what you have done to anchor yourself to old, outdated reasons for Not Doing, Not Being, Not Having. Those old, outdated ideas are up for conclusive release (again) during this Nexus.

When there are parallel versions of reality that will come to an end, some may experience a low-grade, or even an obvious, agitation and anxiousness over the few weeks prior to the shift. It appears that many of our students may have been experiencing this over these past weeks. This might have felt like a strange mix of forcing oneself to be present for the demands of life around you while also feeling terribly disconnected from the moment. Some have reported this as being like an anticipation of hopeful possibilities, but while having no control over immediate focus; a feeling of short-circuiting, but continuing onward. This is because there was a partitioning happening during those weeks as you almost-literally moved "what you wish to release" over to "one side of you," and "what you wish to keep" has been moved to the "another side" of you. We would suggest that this not be taken literally, of course, but the description is quite apt for the kind of subtle division that some may have felt within. Another way to understand the past few weeks might be that a kind of defragmentation has occurred, moving blocks of energy around within you in ways that, when defragmenting is complete, will allow the body and Personality to function even more effectively.

With a realization that one must truly END the possibilities (parallels) tied up in energies anchored to false securities, disheartening disappointments, and jadedness, as a means to make room and focus for new possibilities and updated potentials, then the Nexus might be experienced as both a freeing and a dying.

Some may find themselves particularly emotional or sporadic over those dates, while others may slip easily into a sense of solid confidence. However it is experienced, most of our students might find that there is a definitive shift in awareness toward what is inspiring and possible, rather than toward what is disappointing and distracting.

Because this is a shift that includes the ending of realities on such a mass scale, we would not be surprised if this is represented by a pocket of population exiting in a noticeable quantity, particularly those who simply cannot fathom possibility beyond the outdated anchors that have left life with little sense of potential. This is not to say that all who die within that time frame did so because of such an assessment, but that it is worth examining for validation if a large number exit. This wave of exiting appears to be, in part, because "reality" is suddenly, surprisingly leaning toward potential and possibility, and those who cannot or will not contribute to that will find their own versions of life that will remove them from the momentum of collective creation, or simply opt out altogether for now. And to expand upon this, we do not mean that some "utopian" future is now in alignment; we simply mean what we say: the emphasis is turning toward possibility, rather than overwhelm.

With all of this being said, we can say that August might be a month tentative with experimentation, cautious anticipation, and some focus on the tangible elements that give the Personality a sense that its desires are possible. It would be a gentle, sensitive step forward into what has been sensed as exciting and inspiring, while keeping the Personality feeling safe and present.

To help Personality and Body to feel safe and present over August, we think it would be helpful to bring more awareness to the process of bathing, swimming, or any activity that submerges the body, or parts of the body, in water. Even in the process of washing hands, bringing an awareness to that moment can help. What we mean by bringing an awareness to the moment is to simply know that you are doing what you are doing. Feel the water, know the intentions of the moment, and acknowledge the benefit for the body in some way, such as in the pleasure, the relief, the satisfaction. While taking a shower, give special attention to your skin, to the soap that moves across your body, to the scents involved, to the temperature, etc. This practice may seem unrelated to any larger patterns, but they are directly related. The more one includes his or her body in moments when nurturing is in effect, the more present and alive the body will be when your attention is elsewhere. Many of you carry your body around as if it is, at best, an inconvenience, and at worst, your enemy. Bringing active cohesion between your Personality and Body helps to bring cohesion between you and your life, your soul, and your higher patterns of intent.

Helpful thoughts over August might be:



We realize these may sound cliche, but those phrases might be helpful for bringing one back to the present so that one can feel safe and full of potential. Those phrase might help to remind you that you do not have to be fragmented and distributed through Time to such an extent that you feel that what you Do, Feel, or Have is moot. Those things are far from moot.

August does not have any particular dates of concern, but we will remind you that KEY DATES over JULY are July 27-30 as a Nexus that is a Convergence focuses on Breakthroughs, Solutions, and implementing long-term plans related to those breakthroughs. It is a Nexus that essentially focuses on "Keep Trying until you feel you are Doing, Being, Having as you intended."

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