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Energy Report: SEPTEMBER 2010

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September 2010

September marks the final month of emphasis on the Attitude aspect of the year, with this year’s Attitude being SPIRITUALIST. As we have covered the meaning of this Attitude in July and August’s Reports, we will not review that here. Instead, we will point out that within the context of this Attitude, there may be a kind of internal pressure to “catch up” with oneself, to “get back on track,” to start what one has put off, and to “get serious” about things not taken seriously. We would describe September as a month of “review and recovery.”

As October nears, the emphasis shifts from the Attitude, which describes personal philosophies and how one interprets experiences of the world, to an emphasis on the Chief Negative Feature for the year, which describes the basic fear for the year among the masses. The Chief Negative Feature this year appears to be Arrogance/Self-deprecation, which share the Axis of Inspiration. We will elaborate upon these fears in October’s report. In September of each year, usually just before the shift into the “season” of Chief Negative Feature, there is a close examination of both the general Attitude of the year, and one’s own Overleaf Attitude that may or may not be the same as the year’s. For those who may feel they are not quite on track with their intentions for the year, this examination is usually experienced as a quiet background assessment, or a subtle review, and for others it is a kind of important pause that does not break momentum. For those who have stayed on track to their satisfaction, and if life is looking “okay,” then it is usually experienced as an acceleration and enthusiasm for the potential of the immediate future.

For those who are processing a review, it will most likely feel like a simple checks and balances listing of comparisons, with a look at what IS and what IS NOT in terms of intentions for the year, followed by a sense of importance to focus. This sense of importance for focus is linked to the Chief Features that are on the horizon for emphasis from October through December, which are Self-deprecation and Arrogance, both having to do with protecting one’s sense of BEING. Self-deprecation deals with Not Being Enough, while Arrogance is about Being Too Much, and both are about one’s Self-Esteem. In that light, this September is about looking back at the year and assessing where one is with one’s self in terms of fulfilling intentions, and finding that fulfillment or lack thereof is directly linked to how one feels about oneself.

What one might find is that these intentions have been fulfilled, but at the expense of certain other areas, things, or relationships in the life, and this is directly linked to the potential amplification of Arrogance in the months ahead because it is realized that one has become self-absorbed and tunnel-visioned in certain areas while neglecting other areas. If that is the case, this person might begin to see those parts of the life calling out for attention, or feeling a distraction to return to tending to those parts of the life. For these people, it means that September could become the month that helps bring a balance back to the life in a way that allows for them to catch up with the parts of the life that have gone neglected, and this would mean that the end of the year would most likely unfold as a rather celebratory and joyful closure to the year.

However, if this realization of neglect is met with regret or defensiveness, it would mean that the end of the year might be met with those areas, things, or relationships of the life falling completely out of focus, or moving into states of contention, or becoming extreme forces of distraction that one may then feel threatened by. The rest of the year would then be mixed up with various inner and outer battles regarding how to either protect against the losses that have come from such tunnel-vision, or how to repair and heal those neglected areas, things, and relationships.

What others may find is that the intentions have not been fulfilled, and that the year is not turning out as expected, which will directly ignite the issues of Self-deprecation in the months ahead, having realized that energies and focus has been scattered among far too many directions, touching each, but fulfilling none. This might then leave one feeling as if one has fallen short everywhere, failed several intentions, has not lived up to one’s own, or others’ standards, and may even find several areas, things, and/or relationships pointing out these failures, disappointments, and frustrations. The rest of the year would then be mixed with various inner and outer battles regarding how to make up for these failures, disappointments, and frustrations, and how to either defend against the pain of that, or how to repair and heal at least the priorities.

For those who feel that life is okay, on track, and this quick assessment period is showing fairly acceptable results about the year passed, then September would simply fall into a sense of acceleration into the enthusiasm for the upcoming holiday seasons.

Helpful thoughts over SEPTEMBER might be:

Just because you are now realizing what or who was neglected, or how you may have fallen short, does not mean you are condemned, but that you are now aware. And that is a good thing. Awareness is information for you use for your life, not against it.

Catching up with yourself, your life, and/or your relationships is a form of calibration, or recalibration, and is cause for celebration, not condemnation.

Those phrases might be helpful for bringing one back to the point of such evaluations and assessments during the life, so that one can use the information in a productive and fulfilling way, instead of as a means to punish, defend, or condemn.

September does not have any particular dates of note.

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