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Question About Reincarnation and Parallels


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If all our lifetimes (past, present, and future) are playing out simultaneously right now, how would one add an additional incarnation? Is it that when we set up a new life, we are creating a whole new earth parallel with an "imagined" or "pre-programed" history? I've read that everything exists as a potential but it has to be given energy but I'm not sure how that actually works.

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That's a bit difficult to explain in any sort of conciseness, since time doesn't work the same at an essence (soul) level as it does in the physical, and it's mentioned that a single lifetime and its parallels take a very small part of an essence's focus, suggesting far greater complexity than we may be able to conceive.


That said, the short answer would be yes, setting up and living a new life does inherently generate new parallels.


As for the history, my assumption is that most of the time the history (or histories) already exists or "is in progress" as it were, so that essence just decides a when and where to work with. Sort of like seeing an existing stream and deciding where to jump in the water. The upstream (history) hasn't changed and isn't "imagined" in that it's still real, but the downstream will change because now you jumped in.

Another way to imagine it is that history and time are like movies playing out. Essence can see the various way the movies are going, and deciding to create a new life is like inserting a new character into the movie. The part of the movie before the insert would be the same, and the version without the insert is still valid and exists, but now a new version will exist as well as the movie changes with the new character.

Those are all very rough, simplistic metaphors that may not do justice to the actual process, but maybe that'll help give an idea how it may work. In terms of "everything is potential until given energy," it's basically the idea that all possibilities exist, but have to be chosen/acted on in order to be experienced. The possibility of me making a sandwich for lunch exists, but I won't actually experience that unless I actively choose to do so.

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I like that stream analogy. I can sort of wrap my head around the idea that choices I make within a lifetime exist as untapped potentials I haven't experienced, the idea of creating of an additional entire lifetime within an already infinite multiverse still throws me off but I guess like you said, our ability to comprehend these things from our current perspective can be limited. 

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It is a lot to try and wrap one's head around. Most vastness-type concepts nearing infinity tend to be rather mind-squishing.


I'd imagine creating a new life is fairly similar to deciding to make a sandwich that previously wouldn't have existed, but on a much larger scale. 


It may also be worth considering the idea that potential is not the same as predetermined. Put another way, possibilities exist as potential, but potential is not limited to the possibilities of a given moment and has room for more to form as things change and evolve. That's the wiggle room where imagination and creativity come in. Either that or possibilities are so close enough to infinite that it's functionally the same as above. 



Woo, now my head's feeling a little squishy.

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