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Energy Report: NOVEMBER 2010

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November 2010

November continues the general exploration of Self-deprecation and Arrogance so that all issues of Self-esteem are coming to the surface for many, even if these issues are not usually yours. Issues of insecurity, exposure, judgement, appearance, vulnerability, adequacy, specialness, uniqueness, meaning, importance, etc. will most likely come up for examination, not only on individual levels, but in communities, companies, and countries. This appears to be manifesting as awkwardness, uncertainty, and some anxiety, especially in terms of commitments and long-term agendas and visions. For the next few weeks, it may seem as if all of your ideas and intentions have lost focus, or are in need or recalibrating, and it may seem a bit overwhelming. However, it is important to note that this time period is emphasizing your need and necessity for COMFORTING.

Many of you move along in your life at a pace and a focus that presumes there is no time, space, or energy available to simply reassure you that “everything is going to be okay.” It is over the month of November that your recognition of that need can be shared, displayed, and mutually-exchanged with others in a way that may surprise you with great relief. You are not alone in this. Many of our students, and in fact, people in general, would find a tremendous weight lifted from their minds, hearts, and bodies when they open up to one another that it would be nice to be comforted, reassured, and that being scattered, overwhelmed, and awkward about life right now is “normal.” No one can guarantee your safety, and no one can guarantee that you are on “the right path,” or that you are making the “right choices,” but it will never be a lie to hear from yourself, or from another, that “everything WILL be okay.”

For the Older Souls, it will not sound so absurd for us to point out that the “worst” that can happen to you in this life is that you suffer and/or die, but that even those are temporary, with “being okay” always beyond it. With that in mind, even we can assure you that everything will be okay.

Keep in mind that many of you “suffer” only from your processes of comparison, which is at the heart of Self-deprecation and Arrogance. Comparing circumstances, body types, standards, goals, accomplishments, relationships, behaviors, etc., is intended to be a tool for helping one to see how and where to improve, change, or replace these things, if you choose to do so, but it is not intended to be used as a means to undermine your current circumstances, body type, standards, goals, etc. Unless you are being held against your will in captivity, then you are who you are, where you are, and how you are because it is serving you in some capacity, and if you wish to change these things, it takes time, space, and energy to do so.

For most of you, if you were to look at your life with an honest assessment, there is actually very little to complain about, and you are in rather acceptable, if not great, conditions. This is not a discouragement against complaining, as to complain, or not, would be a choice you must make. We merely point out that many of you only have complaints because of comparisons, not conditions.

Embracing and accepting where you are with yourself, with your body, with your life, and with your relationships is not a conclusive embrace, but a kind return to your own terms, an ownership of your own choices, and an encouragement of trust for yourself. As you embrace what IS your life, it becomes easier and more delightful to aim toward your ideals because then you have a stability, a healthy pace, and you are able to extract what it is that is serving you in your current patterns. This, then, is Gratitude, the antidote to complaining, unnecessary suffering, and a most powerful tool for returning you to the driver’s seat of your life, so to speak.

Helpful thoughts over November might be:

Comparing others to yourself, or yourself to others, and presuming a standard against which you or others must comply, is helpful for your choice-making, improvements, and navigation, but is not as helpful when used to impose suffering or complaining.

Confusion, disappointment, disorientation, distraction, uncertainty, insecurity, ill health, loss, etc. can never stand in the way of your eventually “being okay.” You WILL eventually be okay, but the more you are on board with that truth, the more tangible, present, and participatory you are in creating or allowing yourself to be okay again.

It is never necessary to feel shame or resistance when desiring, asking for, giving, or accepting comfort. The Physical Body requires food, water, and air for its nutrition; the Emotional Body requires affection, nurturing, and intimacy for its nutrition; the Intellectual Body requires paradox, experience, and comprehension for its nutrition; and the Spiritual Body requires philosophy, intuition, and beauty for its nutrition. Of course, these words can be replaced, and the lists extended for each Body, but COMFORT can be given and received within any of these contexts, and in so doing, affects all of the Bodies.

Gratitude is an active process of regaining your wits, your footing, and your presence by embracing what you normally take for granted, judge, or dismiss, which frees up a tremendous amount of energy that could be used for creating more to your liking.

The final week of November may find most of our students lurching into high activity, internally and externally, and the strange limbo of the first few weeks will have been lifted as focus returns, comfort is more readily available, and over-thinking/over-analyzing dissipates. There is no Nexus this month, but there is a convergence of energies among fragments as “the holidays” unfold, and prompts many of you toward Agreements, Karma, and social exchanges that can help to “get you out of yourself.”

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