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QRQPs for 2020/2021?


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You may have noticed that QRQPs are not available for scheduling. Troy's backlog is such that all available "extra" time is taken up with it, so there are really no slots to add QRQPs in a reasonable time frame. 


If you want a QRQP, you should schedule a 60-minute session. You can schedule a 30-minute session to get just a QR (Quick Review of 2020) or just a QP (Quick Preview of 2021). I suspect you could do a QR or QP within the bounds of a POF as well. 


Within a private 30- or 60-minute session, there MIGHT be time to ask one additional question after the QR/QP content is received, so it's good to have one question prepared, but don't count on being able to use it. And definitely don't expect to ask another question within a POF. These reports are formatted to have specific content, so they are essentially multiple questions being asked of Michael at one time. 


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