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Another lurker comes out of the shadows

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I go by Manshuk here. I'm 21, probably not out of my third monad, and pretty much your definition of a reclusive cat lady. Or rather, cat and mouse lady, as I'm a big lover of mice. I feel more comfortable around animals than humans in general, and I feel that especially for my mice, I help them in their own evolution better than I do with sentient souls. 


I'm French-born in this lifetime, but feeling more and more strongly called by Central Asian countries, specifically Kazakhstan (with all its ugliness that has emerged post-USSR, and its "bad quality of life" by western standards), which is probably one of, if not the part of the world I've incarnated the most on this planet. Deep down I'm nothing, I'm stateless, and have been this way since I was little. I'm just meant to refine my philosophy and my crafts (music, art, that are tied to my literature, that is tied to that philosophy) and leave something that will be appreciated for all its value in a few centuries. I think I'm doing those things on the several lifetimes of my 4th old level, though I have no idea if I'm more close to 3rd or 5th old. 


Anyway. I'm probably going to add a comment or two if I have a point to make or a question to ask, or just feeling like talking about something, but I'm not really sure I'll be that visibly active. I'm definitely here more to lurk and read, then digest stuff rather than to connect with people. Kiss to my entity mates, even if our personalities may clash as who we are now, for some of you. For some others, it shall go smoothly. 

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