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Energy Report: MARCH 2011

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MARCH 2011

2011 Overleaves are:

ROLE: PRIEST (emphasized all year)
CENTER: MOVING (emphasized all year)
GOAL: FLOW (emphasized Jan - Mar)
MODE: CAUTION (emphasized Apr - Jun)
ATTITUDE: PRAGMATIST sliding to Cynic and Skeptic (emphasized Jul - Sep)
CHIEF FEATURES: Impatience/Martyrdom (emphasized Oct - Dec)

MARCH continues the emphasis on the establishment of Priest, Moving Center, and FLOW for the year, showing up strongly in the political and religious riots, protests, surprise earthquakes, and extreme weather patterns. All of these events are related in some way to the energies that are described by the Overleaves for this year, in particular to Priest, Moving, and Flow.

We mentioned in our previous report that this appears to be a year of patterns that we could describe as emphasizing the struggle between FREEDOM and INERTIA, which are the Positive and Negative Poles of FLOW, and that this would be a year that emphasizes RIGHTS through the Priestly energy that holds fast with Compassion or Zeal in its AIM OF VISION. This is being played out in the most literal of ways through the powerful protests and uprising among the awakening Mature Souls on your planet in areas where the dominance of the Young and Baby paradigms simply do not work any longer. The patterns unfolding into March appear to continue these uprisings, in fact, encouraging more.

On an individual level, and for the Older Souls, the qualities described above may also be in effect in some way, but in more private and localized ways. In other words, each may be confronting his or her own internal or external oppressor, giving rise to behaviors that are intended to break free from patterns that are not in keeping with personal ideas of Freedom. In addition to this, there may actually be symbolic, internal “storms” that have come to the surface, putting one in a position that must exercise even greater focus, or succumb to those forces.

For those who are struggling to stand against his or her oppressor, it is vital that one determine exactly what or who that is. For the older souls, it is most often a vague and haunting force from the past, an internal voice, that generates a pattern of behavior that may have been manageable in general, but is no longer acceptable. For most of our older students, we can say that there is little that has happened in the first few months of your year of 2011 that is not about your redefinition, upgrading, or implementation of your definition of FREEDOM. Of course, this definition must go through a clarification period, so some of you may have found yourselves “sliding” to various other directions described by other Goals, such as Submission, Growth, Acceptance, etc.

For most of our students, we have seen this “sliding” happening in the direction of Re-evaluation, which means that  our students have either turned to Simplicity, the positive pole of Re-evaluation, and have reduced life, activity, and focus down to the bare minimum so as to grasp exactly where the obstacles to freedom are; or some have fallen into the negative pole of Re-evaluation and have interpreted this simplification process as a complete Withdrawal from the life force, from the sense of being alive. Of course, those who have fallen into Withdrawal will also feel the negative pole of Flow, which is Inertia, so that life either feels as if it is at a stand-still, or it is moving with a momentum in a direction that is entirely out of their control to change. For those who have fallen into the sense that one has withdrawn from life, it is important to remember that this period of time is temporary, and a matter of simplification so that you can clarify exactly what it is you want and need as a means to secure a sense of Flow, a sense of Freedom.  

Keep in mind what we suggested in our previous report: clarifying an “aim of vision” for 2011 is vital to the sense of accomplishment, security, and flow of the year.

For those who had a clear “aim of vision” as the year has begun, March will most likely begin to expose the tools, agreements, inspiration, and directions that are directly supportive of that aim.

Helpful thoughts over MARCH might be:

Clarifying at least one thing that is important for you to create, change, accept, or upgrade over 2011 will help you to establish a momentum that is aligned with your idea of flow and freedom. Having that single focus will cascade outward to affect other goals and intentions, naturally.

Acknowledging your behavior as part of the obstacle to your sense of freedom will help you to change the patterns that have led you up to a wall, isolation, or hurdle in your life.  Then the struggle is no longer against something vague, or against anything at all, but turns its emphasis toward something that can change, can be redirected, and can show results. We point this out because this is a Moving Centered year, so what you DO makes a big difference in what you experience and create.

When your life moves into a state of simplification, it does not have to hurt. There is always grieving involved in the process of simplification because there is always a sense of loss, but grief does not have to lead to suffering. Grief is a gateway, not a conclusion. It is okay to grieve the redirections, the sense of loss, and the sense that things must change; this is healthy. It is a process of accepting the truth. But the more you allow yourself to accept or create the truths that come from simplification and grief, the more you allow yourself to accept or create the directions that bring a sense of freedom to the life.

March 10th through 13th - a divergence nexus focused on directions between freedom and collapse
March 21st through 23rd - a recalibration nexus focused on course corrections realized from the previous nexus

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