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MAY 2011

2011 Overleaves are:

ROLE: PRIEST (emphasized all year)
CENTER: MOVING (emphasized all year)
GOAL: FLOW (emphasized Jan - Mar)
MODE: CAUTION (emphasized Apr - Jun)
ATTITUDE: PRAGMATIST sliding to Cynic and Skeptic (emphasized Jul - Sep)
CHIEF FEATURES: Impatience/Martyrdom (emphasized Oct - Dec)

APRIL began the shift of emphasis from the Goal for the year toward the Mode for the year. Caution is the Mode for 2011. When the shift into the Mode begins, the emphasis on relationships begins. With Caution being the theme this year, some of the more challenging of your relationships, or issues within your relationships, may come to the surface for addressing. In this case, we see that many who are choosing to align with this collective energy have decided to take on an area of relationship that has fallen into Phobia, the negative pole of Caution.

The Mode is the part of the Personality that supports the Goal, and in doing so, it must support Relationships, as most Goals cannot be fulfilled without some form of Relating and Networking. In short, to truly explore the spectrum of a Goal, you must include parts of the self that have become fragments, and include others to some degree. Every Mode is either a path through freedom or refinement of a certain relating style.

The 7 Modes, then, could be described as:

Reserve: reaching your Goal by refining your emotions
Passion: reaching your Goal by freeing your emotions

Caution: reaching your Goal by refining your thoughts
Power: reaching your Goal by freeing your thoughts

Perseverance: reaching your Goal by refining your actions
Aggression: reaching your Goal by freeing your actions

Observation: reaching your Goal by observing and using the Mode most appropriate for the occasion.

Once a collective Goal has been established for the year, then the building and fulfillment of Agreements tends to begin to fall into place in support of that Goal. In this case, the Goal is Flow, which means that the intent this year would be for the exploration of the spectrum between Freedom and Inertia, which we have covered in our previous reports through Troy.

Because most of our students who have aligned with this collective energy for the year chose to work through the issues of the Negative Pole of Caution, first, this means that most of our students, over the time between April and June, will probably come head to head with some of the more challenging issues within themselves, or between themselves and others, in a way that potentially, permanently alters the thought processes associated with those Phobias/fears.

Caution is the refinement of THOUGHTS as a path toward a Goal, and if the Goal is to Flow, or to move toward an inclusive, embracing Freedom, then any thoughts that lock any relationships, internally or externally, away from Freedom would probably come to the surface.  Phobia is a paralysis, or a freezing of thought patterns, so that nothing can move beyond those thoughts. Deliberation is the slowing down of thoughts so that other processes can be included alongside those thoughts.  When one has fallen into Phobia, the tendency is then to turn to Caution’s partner Mode, which is Power. Power Mode is the Freeing of your thoughts by owning them, being present with them, taking responsibility for them. The positive pole of Power Mode is Authority, and this can be translated into Presence, Ownership, Responsible in terms of one’s thoughts about the self in relation to other.

To break the paralysis of Phobia, many of our students may find that they are gently or surprisingly confronted with outdated thoughts, old scenarios, archaic thinking patterns about certain relationships that then have the opportunity to be met with more responsible thinking, more presence, and more ownership of the results of one’s thinking in relation to these relationships; more Authority. This ownership of thought patterns can then return the relationship back into a more Deliberate path of thinking, the positive pole of Caution. This would not mean revelations or miraculous recoveries, but a soft merging of opportunity for creating NEW thoughts, together, Cautiously, but Deliberately.

For those who may find this familiar to them over April, May, and June, it would do you well to remember, if you choose to do so, that this is a process, not a pivot. In other words, a kind of self-vigilance and patience is order to help secure any new thought patterns you would like to establish. For most who take on this exploration of Relationships, the new core of that process would probably be comfortably re-established or rejected by the end of June.

Helpful thoughts over MAY  might be:

Though many fragments can tend to feel alone, there is actually never a moment in which a person is not in a relationship with others. In fact, in most instances of loneliness and feelings of isolation, the person has developed such feelings only from his or her thoughts about what he or she thinks OTHERS think about him or her. Changing or updating how one thinks others think about oneself can help to transform one’s relationship with the self and world, as a whole. Keeping this in mind over the months of April, May, and June can help one to approach those challenged relationships from a fresh perspective, from a clean slate, and to potentially transform the sense of self as it relates to others, and thus help manifest more of the True Personality and Essence. To the degree that one has locked oneself down by what one thinks others are thinking, contributes to the degree to which one has blocked Essence. Ultimately, the concept of the “individual” is a lie. There is truly, only, “we.” Even the individual is a conglomerations of parts; a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts, but a conglomeration, nonetheless.

Returning to relationships that have fallen into challenge, paralysis, or inertia does not mean one has to relive the patterns that led to those challenges, paralysis or inertia. Returning to a relationship that suffers challenges is a cultivation of new possibilities, new facets, new perspectives, new thoughts. The past may need to be addressed, but that does not mean it has to be relived. Relating is the process of empathy, and in addressing the past, the key to healing would be through the capacity you have for relating, even remotely, to any part of the other person’s experience. This does not mean giving permission, justification, or power over to the other person who may have harmed you, but it does mean planting that “seed” of transformation that is Empathy, or Compassion. Sometimes the greatest relief in a relationship is not through finding fault, or by imposing punishment, but to have one, both, or all parties suddenly comprehend the relief of being seen, heard, and/or understood. If even one part of the equation experiences this, the effects can tend to be a cascading effect throughout the relationships.

MAY 22nd - a convergence nexus focused on emerging relationships and agreements

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