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Heart and head

Jean-François Lozevis

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In French spiritual circles, there seems to be a big duality between the heart and the head. They all tell that we should follow our heart and not our head. Is there such a distinction in MT Teachings? Does Michael talk about the heart and head or some synonymous things?

For me, this kind of thought spreads the idea of duality because the heart and the head should be unified.

And maybe it hides a kind of intellectual laziness.

What do you think about all this?

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Heart = using emotional center to know the truth

Head = using intellectual center to know the truth


Only my speculation. I don't think you can live without heart or head. The saying "follow your heart" emphasizes on emotional center, because we human beings are often too dependent on the intellectual center to make decisions and learn the truth. We need to be reminded about the power of emotional center as a navigation tool. 

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To me, the Michael Teaching does not seem to be "intellectually lazy" about the subject of "head and heart"; other teachings might or might not be.

My guess is that what the French (and others) mean by "head" is what in the Michael Teaching is referred to as the Intellectual Center.

My guess is that what the French (and others) mean by "heart" is what in the Michael Teaching is referred to as the Emotional Center.

There are five additional Centers according to the Michael Teaching (and others): Moving, Instinctive, Higher Intellectual, Higher Emotional, and Higher Moving.

Various Michael Teaching books provide descriptions of all of these Centers. Also, you can find much information on this subject on Michael Teaching websites, including this one, TLE.

All of these Centers are existent in all of us, but in varying strengths; some have Intellectual Center as their strongest, some have Emotional Center as strongest, and so on.

My understanding of the Michael Teaching is that there are several ways of dealing with these Centers in oneself.

For instance, one recommendation is to learn to express the Positive Pole of one's Centers rather than the Negative Pole.

Another recommendation is to use the appropriate Center to respond to the differing situations one finds oneself in.

For instance, it might not be appropriate (meaning "empathetic and sympathetic" in this case) to reason intellectually with a person who is having an emotional meltdown.

Another recommendation is to learn to even out all of the Centers within oneself so that one is not "unbalanced", with an over-emphasis on some Centers and an under-emphasis on others; use them all to the best of your ability.

Finally, to address your concern about "unification" of "head and heart", that shows up in the Michael Teaching as the function of the so-called Instinctive Center, the "Neutral" Center, which can be regarded as the combination of all the Centers.

Hope this helps to point you in an informed direction; it is only the beginning of an answer to the questions you raised.


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  • TeamTLE

Michael teaches about all the Centers as they relate to all the Chakras.


Ist Root Chakra: Instinctive Center

2nd Sacral Chakra: Higher Moving Center

3rd Solar Plexus Chakra: Moving Center

4th Heart Chakra: Emotional Center

5th Throat Chakra: Intellectual Center

6th Brow Chakra: Higher Emotional Center

7th Crown Chakra: Higher Intellectual Center


I asked Michael this question in 2016 and got a more complex answer about Centering and Centers. This is just a (very short) excerpt from My Life Task ~ Understanding vs Comprehension and how it all works with Centers.


Maureen:  I’ve been pondering, for months now, what the differences are between “understanding and comprehension”, for me specifically, as they relate to me and to my Life Task.  ...


MEntity:  ... The process of comprehension is a process of learning to use all Centers as they are appropriate to experience. What many students do not realize is that the Center and its Parts is a process of understanding. Comprehension is when the Center is used with no Parts.


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